That Bikini Life.

I am not going to get deep when talking about wearing a bikini. I think I've done enough of that here and here. What I will say is this, day one of the holiday I walked out of my room to the pool and noticed that I was getting some looks, I don't think many people had seen a size 20 rocking a bikini. Previously I would have gotten up, gone back to my room and changed into a boring one piece or a old unattractive badly shaped tankini. I would have allowed that one person get inside my head and make me feel unattractive and undeserving of the right to wear a bikini just like everybody else. That shit isn't going down anymore. I am responsible for how I feel, if I don't like it I won't wear it, but this time I felt good. I even got my tummy out to tan. It's not easy and it takes time but you don't owe it to anybody to conform so you wear what the hell you want and let yourself feel the baddest bishhhh by the pool.