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Main pic

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Reasons why you should always have an appropriate coloured Bra.

When I read some of my favorite blogs I always think 'bloody hell every single thing about that outfit or that recipe or that face, is just so god damn perfect.' Do you ever think that? I kind of wanted to write about this because I want my readers to know that I am far from perfect. Obviously I tailor my posts so that I choose the pictures that I love the most, that show me in the best angles that basically make me feel good about myself. More often than not I don't pull off a perfect outfit, or have a perfect setting for my photos or sometimes like this particular post I do something silly like wear a light bra with a dark dress. Total bad move it looks like I have shiny glowing breasts. I guess you're thinking 'why are you even posting this' well, I wanted to post it to show that I am far from perfect. I make a tit out of myself on a regular basis and not everything I plan works out to blogger perfection standards. I really liked this outfit on, regardless of the fact the photos turned out like this. Any way here it is, a simple navy midi worn with the wrong bra. Voila. 

Necklace - Old Primark
Lipstick - Rimmel Kiss Me


  1. Still gorgeous and that bra look will possibly be a fashion thing one day so you will be a trendsetter

  2. I know what you mean. Taking photos for the blog especially of outfits can often help us decide if we like/dislike it and also how to wear it next time or see what could be better, which is a good plus-side I suppose. I have to show you this image of a beauty haul post I did the other week. Proof that those wonderful pristine and perfect images on a clear white background often take time and patience to achieve with many reject images (my current 'studio' consists of a My-Wardrobe carrier bag and the light or shadows often hate me) : )

  3. I LOVE this post! I'm always showing my bra off on my blog when the flash makes a top transparent. I'm about to upload a post in a minute where you can see every inch of the pattern on my bra and I don't care - it proves I've got one on! x