Lets talk maternity clothes.

Before you misunderstand from my very misleading title I am NOT pregnant. However I am wearing a maternity dress. From ASOS none the less and I wanted to talk about that today. Like my previous post where I wore a swim cover up as a dress, today I am proving that labels really don't mean a damn thing.  
I ordered this dress from the ASOS maternity page in an 18 which is as high as the size range goes up to.

You are probably wondering why I chose to buy something from maternity when a. I'm not pregnant and b. I could buy from the curve range. Well the truth is there really isn't a great deal of difference in the maternity, main range, and curve range. I can fit into an 18 main range and in maternity if the dress has some stretch. I don't care that it is designed for pregnant women I am not ashamed of buying from maternity, it really goes to show that the plus size industry (less so with ASOS) are still behind in offering fashionable clothes in all sizes. If there were more options for us then perhaps we wouldn't have to go to the on trend maternity ranges. Instead we get stuck with the over sized tunics, dreadful glitter logo tees and leggings by some plus size brands. It just so happened  that ASOS Curve didn't have this dress and Maternity did 90% of the time Curve has everything on point but I totally recommend you to have a look at the ASOS Maternity range for somethings that may not be on the curve site is you are a similar size to me 20/22. Don't be afraid to try it's just a label, after all.

Dress - ASOS Maternity 
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Evans Clothing