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Monday, 23 September 2013

Instagram Outfits.

Some people have a problem with wearing the same items of clothing more than once and that's cool but personally it isn't something that bothers me too much. If I really want something new, I will get it but I try not to be wasteful with my money especially since Dan and I moved into our first house together, money is a lot tighter so I have to make do with the items of clothing that I have got. Transitioning from summer wardrobe for me is fairly easy. For example Maxi skirts that I would normally wear with Cami tops and sandals I just swap for jumpers, comfy tees,boots or Converse whack on a leather jacket and a scarf if its extra cold and BOOM, autumn wardrobe done.  Here are a couple of outfits that I wore last week as well as a new hairstyle I have tried. 

Outfit No.1
Primark Black Tee
ASOS Curve - Black Maxi 
Leather Jacket - Newlook
Converse All Stars 
Necklace - Primark

Outfit No.2
Polkadot Trousers - ASOS Curve (Currently on sale) SIZE DOWN.
Sheer Top - Old ASOS Curve
Oversized Cardigan - Old



  1. Looking hot as ever! I need you to come and style meee!!! x

  2. looooove those pants so much!!!

  3. If you click the link above there is a pair just like them with heart prints over at asos! xx

  4. Thank you darling! xx