His and Hers.

It's coming to that time of the year when you can really feel the change in the weather. There will be a time when you have to hunt out your old coats or invest in a new one. I have got a list as long as my arm of the coats that have caught my eye. Dan is less fussy than me he always whips out his favorite Barbour Jacket which I think he looks mighty handsome in...

However I also like to pinch his clothes (Dan is less a fan of this than me!) I love the 'Tom-Boy look' and because of this and the constant wear from both of us the Barbour is looking a little less for wear.

I was thinking that seen as I played a part in the wear and tear of his coat that perhaps I should get him a new one as part of late Birthday/Anniversary and early Christmas present, don't judge they are expensive haha! I have had a look 

What do we think of my top 3?

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What about you guys any recommendations for a lovely winter coat for your other half?