Two Fat Ladies

Blogging has its ups and downs, believe you me but the upside to things has definitely been making new friends. If you haven't been introduced to Danie on my blog you are about to get lucky. I made friends with Danie after discovering each other on Instagram and obsessing over each others outfits we moved our relationship to the next level and spent hours on FaceTime chatting shit and laughing like cackling hags. When Danie came to stay with me for BPSFW I just knew we were gunna be friends for a long time. We spent the entire weekend laughing and our friendship is now much more than just blogging. She's my home girl, my other chubby twinnie. 

There was a reason for all of this face spamming I promise. Danie and I were chatting and we both said we wanted to have a bit more structure to our a blogs, just a little bit not too much! We thought about adding a monthly challenge where we would choose a theme and take our own interpretation on it with our outfits. These will be hosted on our blogs and our IG accounts. We found it hard to think of a name and after much deliberating we decided to call it 'Two Fat Ladies' the name is ridiculous just like us but we just want to have a laugh and enjoy fashion because that's what life should be about, having a laugh and doing stupid shit with your friends no? Any way less talking and more pictures, let me introduce you to our first fat ladies feature: 

Two Fat Ladies take on the Clements Ribeiro Daisy Dress:

Dress - Evans Clothing
Shoes - H&M past season 
Brooch - ASOS 

Details of my outfit are on the post previous to this one. 

SOOOOO what do ya think? I would love it if you guys would help us with some themes and ideas. Lots of love from part one of Two Fat Ladies. ;)