Opinions - Everyone has them.

Today I stumbled upon this blog post. Titled the rise of 'The fashion Blogger.' I was intrigued to say the least as few other bloggers had shared it. The premise of the piece surrounds the change in the 'Fatshion Blogging Community' from over the years. I am very open to the fact that I am extremely new to the blogging scene and the people who have been around in the community for a very long time like Lauren, Gabi and Nicolette I am lucky to call friends. Who have been an example for me to follow and look up to. I wanted to write this post to address the fact that there's a good chance I have been indirectly mentioned in this piece. 

Realising the power that bloggers have, a few retailers have harnessed this by using them to design clothes (Simply Be) and promote their latest designer collaborations (Evans). This is great and I wish no ill will to those involved, but I have witnessed some SERIOUS throwing of toys out of prams, when these collaborations have been criticised. One blogger went on an almighty twitter rant when someone said they didn't like the clothes she was modelling, took it horrendously personally and behaved like an utter brat. I wonder if these retailers are creating monsters by massaging bloggers egos and lavishing them with freebies and publicity.

The part up there that talks about the 'almighty twitter rant' I am almost 100% sure this refers to me. The reason being is a few months back during the launch of the Evans clothing I came across a chat on twitter through some plus size bloggers who I follow and I still follow, all very nice people I would like to add, and I was sad to see that they were commenting rather negatively on the Swan Collection. Some lines were thrown around like 'The best part of the collection was the bags' and discussions of the quality of the clothing. I don't know why but I did get my back up. I guess because having worked with Ignacio and Suzanne (Designer duo Clements Ribeiro) throughout the launch I was upset to see someone talk about their work so negatively. I guess the writer has a point I did take it personally. I took it personally because I thought that as a plus size community we were there to support and uplift each other and recognise that even if plus size designers aren't to everyone's taste they will be to someone elses, and isn't that we are fighting for? Fighting for more options for plus size women, different styles, different price levels, different quality. I even stated that a few items weren't my kind of thing, so I welcome opinion.

Looking back at it now, perhaps I was a bit of a dick, I should have spoken to the girls outside of the public forum, but I am by no means a brat. I am on a learning curve with this whole blogging thing. I am new to it. I am also highly anxious so yes I reacted in a way that perhaps reflected my anxiety with being judged by others. I was uhmming and ahhing about even writing this as I didn't want it come across as a bitter person responding to an article where a person is merely expressing their opinions. However some of the things in the post touched a nerve with me. The issues discussed in the post are about Plus Size Bloggers. I can't speak on behalf of others but I can speak on behalf of myself. In a total of over 100 posts this year I have only posted 7 things which have been gifted to me. Seven, not seventy. Blogging for me isn't about the free stuff or the publicity. It was about making myself feel better about my body, it was about sharing my interest in fashion and to discuss topics surrounding body positivism. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunities I have, I am so very appreciative of the relationships I have built with the plus size community and its retailers/ designers. I read so many blogs, and I always share and comment on interesting posts for me it is more than free shit.

I am not angry at the writer of the post at all. Believe you me there are times when I feel pretty darn low about blogging that opening myself up on the internet was a mistake. I am saddened to read that writer of the above blog feels that blogging in the fat community isn't how it used to be. that it's no longer about fashion and fat community but about competition. I for one hope that I have NEVER ever made someone feel left out, it's just not me. 

If the writer of this is reading. I am sorry for that time I acted on impulse and allowed my human side to run away with itself. After all I am human, we all make mistakes. I sincerely apologise for my actions although I believe them to be misconstrued. Sometimes it's important to hold your hands up and say 'Hey I might have made a mistake'  I will leave it at this, I wanted to share this wonderful post from Marie Denee titled 'I am more than just a Blogger' 

Callie xoxo 

I wanted to write this as this stirred a great deal of opinions and anger. This was not my intention I simply wanted to apologise for my personal actions and address the fact that clearly people have felt pushed out by what they see as a non inclusive community. The owner of the blog has now deleted all posts and written an apology, which has sparked anger with people who felt that they did no wrong. I want to say that is certainly not something I wanted to happen. People are entitled to their opinion and although I felt there was a tone of anger in the post, closing it down wasn't the answer. I do hope the writer will get in touch with me, I would love to talk to them on a one to one level to understand more how they feel. This is what community is about.