Dishoom Bombay Cafe

Facebook and Twitter is such a great way to find out new cool places to eat in London, so when I was looking for a new place to take my friend Laura for her birthday I asked my pals on Facebook to recommend somewhere. I was kindly directed to Dishoom (Thanks Alexia!) and it certainly didn't disappoint. Dishoom is a Indian restaurant inspired by the old Bombay Cafes of 1960's-80's serving breakfast, lunch and dinner the food is innovative and full of flavour. The setting is perfect, ambient lighting and covered in frames filled with the history of Bollywood, old photographs and dark wood and marble top tables. There is something so welcoming about the atmosphere. The kitchen is open for all to see and the place is filled with the smell of aromatic spices I couldn't wait to eat, the smell was just so enticing. 


The prices of drinks were standard for London, £2+ for soft drinks and £8+ for alcoholic. Dan and I chose a simple coke, which wasn't anything like actual coke, more like the taste of cola flavoured ice lolly! Very sweet but enjoyable. I loved the recycled glass they used too. Laura opted for a Bombay Colada as it was her Birthday it was well worth the £8. Flavoured with coriander, chai syrup and lime juice it was such a weird taste, but equally very enjoyable. 


We went for a calamari as it is one of our favourite dishes, there was a substantial amount in there to share and we in fact left some from being so full. I wouldn't say this was anything special but it was tasty, tender and fresh.

Sorry about my bad photography here but I think I was so excited to eat that I didn't check my frames. Above you will see the Chicken Berry Britannia, Cheese and Plain Naan, Chicken Ruby and a side of Dishoom Slaw. The Biryani is a Dishoom special and a take on an Irani classic from the old Bombay Cafes. It was beautiful! Served in a clay pot the rice was fluffy and full of flavour, releasing so many wonderful smells of cardamon, chilli and ground spice, also jewelled with ruby red cranberries. The meat was a little dry in my opinion but it was full of flavour, very spicy in fact so if you don't like spicy things then the Slaw is a good call. Which brings me to the slaw, the very simple favours of crunch and creaminess help cool down the other spicy elements and added some texture to the meal.

My favourite dish was the Ruby Murray. The South Indian style curry was creamy and delicious and went perfectly with the cheesy and plain naan, which I would like to add was perfectly cooked. It was lovely to have something wet with the courses as I am very much a sauce kinda gal.


Even though we were pretty full and could have easily passed on this we decided to share some dessert. The unusual flavours really appealed to me. We chose the Black Pepper and Pineapple crumble and Chocolate mousse with yogurt covered fruit. The crumble was so weird, yet so good. The crumble topping was a mixture of granola and seeds, very sweet and earthy and underneath was the delicious pepper covered pineapple. Dan wasn't a fan of this at all, and I must admit at times the black pepper was a little too much however eaten with the cinnamon ice cream on top I thought it was pretty darn good. The chocolate mousse was rich and fluffy, and was complimented by the sharpness from the fruit and yogurt. 


All in all with drinks and the dishes we chose the bill was around £75 which included a 12.5% service charge. In my opinion reasonable for the standard of food. The service was excellent. The staff were so helpful especially when helping us decide what to choose off the vast menu. Overall I would give this an 8/10. I couldn't tell you how authentic the food was compared to the Bombay cafes but I can say this is really very nice indian food. 

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