BeauCoo: My new Social Media Addiction.

Some of my most popular posts are the ones where I discuss issues surrounding body confidence. As this blog has grown, my interest for body positivity  has grown with it. So when Victoria founder of BeauCoo got in touch with me a few weeks ago for me to check out a new social style network I was intrigued to say the least. As always before I responded I checked out the link she had sent me. I was directed to a page all about body positive outfit sharing. I spent a good 10 minutes meandering through and I saw so many of the bloggers I follow on IG sharing outfit posts.

So What's Beaucoo about? 

As you can see from above those are some of my outfit posts on the site, that little pink measurement tape shows that I have entered the exact size of the clothing I am wearing, and when other ladies match with my measurements they will come a across me. So yes this is what BeauCoo is all about. Genuinely I have gotten a little obsessed with this. I've uploaded 11 posts so far and I've been following and commenting on many I just really really like it. So yeh come join me whilst I submerge myself into some more social media. I think I may have to admit I have a problem soon! If my post made no sense at all to you then do check out this video it is lovely and explains on a more in depth level about BeauCoo's mission and the people behind it.

BeauCoo & The meaning of Body Positivity (#BoPo) from BeauCoo on Vimeo.

*For the interest of disclosure this post was sponsored but as always my opinions are my own.