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I mentioned on a twitter a few weeks ago that I planned to do some house decoration posts and you all seemed to be a fan of this so here it is, a how to post on how I refurbished an old cabinet.

What you will need:

I only recently discovered this paint after hours spent on Pinterest looking at up-cycling projects. It is magic paint, pricey magic paint but still good all the same. At £16.99 a pot it is more expensive than most paints but believe me it is worth it. Normally when refurbishing furniture you would be looking to sand and prime the item in order to get the paint to have something to grip onto. However with Annie Sloane paint, this process is not needed. The paint covers like a dream. I would recommend dusting or cleaning the item prior to paint to ensure a perfect finish.

Obviously when painting you need a brush, we used this Farrow and Ball brush, again at around £10 you could get a must cheaper brush but the brush does play a huge part in the end result of the refurb. There are no rules on how to paint the item, so it doesn't matter too much about the brush strokes, although normal practice is to paint with the grain when painting wood.



To do the whole cabinet plus a chair we used less than half a tin of paint, the paint goes really far and you can actually add water to the paint to make it go further and it doesn't compromise its effectiveness. We did one coat of thick paint then over again with paint I mixed with water. 
Once finished we moved the items to dry in the sun. They were all dry in less than an hour which was great! Perhaps on not a sunny day allow a little longer.

I am so pleased with the final result of our painting, we could have sanded it down to create a worn look but I quite like the crispness of the white with the old style of the cabinet. What do you all think?

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