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Thursday, 4 July 2013

|| Making a house a home || Part Two.

Seen as my cabinet up-cycling post went down so well I thought I would post another. I am really getting into this whole making the most of what you have got business! Money is much tighter now that we have our own place I just don't have the cash to be buying pretty things for the house all the time. That saying I have found that with a little bit of effort and time you can make the most of things you already have in the house or bargain finds at the charity shop. I have also learnt that boyfriends are basically excellent resources! Here is how we made our very own fancy washing basket, below are pictures of an old brownish wicker basket I found, I really hate that wicker colour so fancied giving it Callie's and Dan's magic touch, or in regular terms a bit of spray paint. 


Here is one I saw on the John Lewis website albeit a different shape but it inspired me and at £49 there is a BIG difference in price.
 Buy John Lewis Luxury Willow Double Bin Online at

What you'll need!

I used a simple old white gloss paint that I got from Wilkinson's, for some bizarre reason I couldn't find it on the website but I found something similar here at Homebase (ours was cheaper at around £6.) We used one can for this entire basket, with two coats. We turned it upside down to avoid having to touch the basket at any point and prevent smudges. TOP TIP: Do not spray the paint up close to what you are spraying you will not get an even finish with this and you will most likely have paint drips. Take at step back and spray at arms length. 


I was pretty impressed with the outcome, it looks really nice in our utility room. I have tried to keep things as neutral as possible then have tried to bring in colour else where. So what do you think too much effort or a good shout?

Callie xoxo 


  1. This looks great! Such a fab idea too :)


  2. Looks great! I've just bought a wicker basket from a charity shop and I'm planning on doing exactly the same thing! x

  3. I have been getting into upcycling lately. This looks great. It would look real nice with some pretty fabric around the top too :) x

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  5. Fab work! I'm going to do something similar to a cheap wicker trunk I've got at the bottom of the stairs. You've inspired me!

  6. Brilliant!! I love it white and I think you were really creative to buy one in this colour and spray paint it. Only one question though - have you found the paint has transferred to any of your laundry? That's the only thing putting me off doing this!