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I am a sucker for a beautiful beach. I love nothing more than visiting them, whether abroad or here in the UK. I feel my most calm by the seaside, Dan and I shared our first year anniversary in Brighton and we have loved travelling and seeing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This weekend Dan and I visiting West Wittering Beach. found to be a top 10 UK Beach it really deserves its place. Soft sand, beautiful blue sea with a view of the Isle of White there isn't much to complain about. 

The title I chose for the blog post title has a lot of meaning to me, they are lyrics from The Kooks and is one of mine and Dan's song , but I also chose it because for the first time in years I wore a bikini to a British beach. Visits to the beach previously would involve leggings and vests, never swim wear, never legs out. I was always conscious, for some reason wearing swimwear abroad doesn't feel as scary as wearing it in the UK, I know that doesn't make sense but that is always how I felt. This time at the beach I proudly stripped off to my Fatkini and I just felt amazing. I fell in love with my body, as cringy as that sounds I really felt fine, I felt confident and I felt good. I am currently the biggest I have ever been, yet I didn't feel it, and even though I am still on a weight loss journey I wanted to share these pictures so I could look back and remember that with a little self love you can change your perceptions on how you feel about yourself. I will stop my jibber jabbering and let the pictures do the talking. Go visit West Wittering Beach you won't regret it. I promise.

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