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Monday, 22 July 2013

Evans black Maxi Dress review. | Fashion |

I have had this dress for so long, I was kindly gifted this dress from Evans around March for my birthday and even though I think you could easily dress this for winter I just never got round to wearing it. I think it's now my new favorite maxi dress. In the summer I don't think you can go wrong with a maxi, they are mostly cotton and really cooling for a warm summers day. Black is back in my good books so adds a bit of edge more so than a floral dress. Apologies for the dust on my dress my drive is full of the stuff!

Evans Black Maxi Dress

Evans Black Maxi Dress


Dress - Evans Clothing Black Maxi.
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Evans Clothing
Watch - Michael Kors 
Bag - Primark
Lipstick- Rimmel Apocolips 


  1. Charlotte Buckley22 July 2013 at 02:42

    This is such a gorgeous maxi dress, loving how you've accessorized it as well.

    Charlotte xo

  2. July 2013 at 04:36

    I love the maxi. Can never go wrong with a black maxi :) xx

  3. Oh you look beautiful with that dress! it is so flattering! I love your blog Callie!

  4. thank you so much sweetie!!! It is a really good fit, think its a new fav. <3 xxx

  5. Very nice!!!

  6. I love this dress. It is quite classic. It looks like it can be dressed up or down.

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  8. wooow gorgeous!!

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  10. You look lovely. I really like the accessories with the dress too. xx

  11. cute maxi versatile

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