Waterloo Bar & Kitchen // Food Review

It's not really a new feature on my blog,so I am sure you have noticed that I enjoy writing food reviews of places I have eaten in London I am all over finding a new place to try, I also like to try a variety of cuisine including Lebanese, America, Thai. You name it I am all over it.

Last Friday Dan and I decided to go out some where to celebrate moving into our first house together and Waterloo Bar & Kitchen kindly gave us a voucher to enjoy a meal. The location was ideal for us as we normally get a train home from Waterloo and it is literally a two minute walk from Waterloo station next to The Old Vic theatre.

When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by a waiter and taken to our seats. To a look around the restaurant didn't stand out as being hugely fancy, it had simple decor. Black chalk boards, wooden tables with white table clothes and some small flowers on each table, but it was bright and there was a buzz of people ordering dinner before the Theatre. Our waiter gave us our menu, and we had a meander through. Here is what we opted for:

Squid and Chorizo Salad with Chilli, Garlic & Coriander Dressing

Dan opted for this because he loves Chorizo and he was pleasantly surprised as he wouldn't normally go for a salad. I had a bite and it was bloody yummy. The Calamari was perfectly cooked and coated in that yummy smokey oil that seeps from cooking Chorizo nice mix of salad and dressed perfectly.

Chicken Liver Pate with Toasted Onion Brioche and Cranberry Port Sauce

I always order this whenever I go I eat British cuisine purely because I love Pate on bread its always a winner in my eyes.  I am glad to say the Pate was delicious, but as always when giving my views I have to be honest and say that I found the Cranberry Port a bit hit and miss, it was very tart and the flavour of the Port I felt got lost. The bread itself was lovely but the Nigella seeds on the crust of the bread I personally didn't enjoy. 

Special board - Rump Steak, Chunky Chips and Vine Roasted Tomatoes 

 Okay, let me first say that this could quite possibly be one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. Perfectly cooked (medium) my knife slid through like butter, and talking of butter the garlic butter really was divine when left to melt on top. I am not normally a fan of chunky chips but these were out of this world, perfectly crisp outside soft and fluffy inside. The Vine Tomatoes or not something there to make the plate look pretty, these wonderful little bad boys were literally bursting with flavour, their juice was so sweet it was almost like having ketchup. SO GOOD. 


Warm Double Choc Chip Brownie with Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce

I'll let you take that in a minute, yeh are you done? It looks bloody good doesn't it? Well it didn't taste half as bad either, I can't give it an award as high as the steak but this definitely was a good brownie, more on the cakey side I would say but the chocolate taste was perfectly balanced by the creamy vanilla ice cream.

My final opinions:

Over all I was very impressed with this restaurant, it is a rare occasion when I have something as epic as the steak I had above, so for that it gets a huge thumbs up. Service was impeccable, very friendly, attentive and polite. If you are looking to go out to the Theatre I would whole heartily recommend here. Its not expensive, its not fussy, just real authentic modern British cuisine.

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