Summer Dresses for the not so Summery weather.

I shan't spend too long moaning about the weather, if you live in the UK I'm pretty sure you know how rubbish it has been over the month of June. Hopefully some sunshine will be gracing us so we can actually wear our summer clothes. As the later summer months approach we are looking at the holiday and wedding season and I thought I would put together a list of all my favorite plus size dresses from New Look. I was recently invited to a fit day at New Look head office and was so surprised by how hard those guys work to improve their plus size clothing range. When I was there I got to see a sneak preview of some of their summer dresses and I have listed a few of them below for some summer dress inspiration.

Maxi Dresses 

Winter White (Cream) Inspire Cream Floral Bandea Belted Maxi Dress | 282662112 | New Look
Black Pattern (Black) Inspire Black Floral Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress | 277411809 | New Look
Black (Black) Inspire Black Strap Shoulder Maxi Dress | 282659001 | New Look
Black (Black) Inspire Black Grecian Jersey Maxi Dress | 273246701 | New Look

My Tips for wearing a Maxi. A maxi dress can sometimes be a hit or miss for me. They can be worn both ways, casual and dressed up here are some of my tips for wearing a plus size maxi dress:

Day summer dresses. 

Pale Blue (Blue) Inspire Blue Denim Sleeveless Shirt Dress | 280015745 | New Look
Cream (Cream) Pussycat Cream Floral Lace Sleeveless Dress | 281459713 | New Look
Blue Pattern (Blue) Koko Blue Floral Chiffon Dress | 285846249 | New Look

I love all of the dresses above but mostly I am completely head of heels in love with the denim shirt dress. Minimal denim is always a good shout in my mind. Pair with converse or some summer sandals with a statement necklace or a summer hat for a chilled festival look. Also how beautiful is that white summer dress? It just screams for a floral headband. I think all of the summer day dresses could be worn with leggings if the weather remains as crappy as it does. Add a blazer or even a leather jacket to make it more weather appropriate. 

What are you favorites of the dresses above and how do you plus size babes feel about 'The Maxi'? Drop me a comment below or tweet me @calliethorpe. I love to have a natter and I am a little rubbish at replying to comments here straight away.

Callie x xx


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