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Friday, 21 June 2013

Panache Sculptresse review

Hello beautiful people it feels like forever since I last had the chance to write a post. If you hadn't noticed via my social media pages, I have moved house. Possibly the most stressful experience of my life but hey ho so glad to be settled now somewhere new! During this hectic time in my life Panache Lingerie kindly sent me some lingerie to review from their new Sculptresse collection. I was in desperate need of a new bra so the offer came at a good time. I jumped at the chance to review their D+ Range. As a plus size woman I have been blessed with some pretty big boobs and am always on the hunt for a good comfortable and supportive bra. Panache Sculptresse range offers bras for 'the fuller figure' and promises comfort and shape and beautiful style bra's. Here it is on the gorgeous model!

I opted for the 'Pure Black Sculptress' as it came with a gorgeous high waisted brief, as you know I am all over a high waist brief! I also opted to try my first ever non padded bra, which indeed the 'Pure' range is. I now it may sound crazy that I have never tried non-padded, I just have never thought to buy one. My first thought was how light the bra itself was, even in the packaging it was as light as a feather. It was also very soft to touch. Here is a picture of me in the bra sorry about the quality I took these on my phone.

My opinions on the Bra:
  • As mentioned before I look for both comfort and support when looking for a good bra and this bra is most definitely the most comfortable thing I have ever worn, in fact it kinda felt like I wasn't wearing one at all!
  • In terms of support I would definitely say it was good in support, I usually get back ache after a long day at work and I didn't when wearing this bra! 
  • The padded straps are so comfy, those dreadful strap marks left behind are minimal compared to other bra's I have worn.
  • The only con I found was that there isn't a great deal of lift with this bra. Obviously with a padded bra it adds some extra push and shape, there wasn't a great deal of this as you can see in the photo above.

Overall I would still recommend this bra to anyone. I almost cannot wait until I get home to take off my bra every day.When wearing this I hardly even noticed. I give this bra 8/10 for being so darn comfy. So plus size babes head over to Panache Lingerie and have a look at what is on offer!  


  1. I think Panache bras are amazing comfortable, more comfortable than many I've tried! I wish I could afford them all :) xo

  2. I've been waiting for somebody to review Scupltresse! I struggle with bras and have only ever found Elomi to fit and offer the support I need. I recently got two Sculptresse bras and was amazed at how comfortable they are. Mine are non padded and 36GG and I found the support and uplift really great, without having wires that come up to high at the centre.

  3. This post came at a great time as I am currently on the hunt for a new bra!