Why Size doesn't matter

This blog was always set out to be a lifestyle blog with a hint of plus size fashion, but as time as gone on it has developed into something much more. I speak a lot on here about body confidence and I get a lot of emails from girls surrounding this topic. I think now,  more then ever,  how we look, and feel about ourselves is a prevalent issue. Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady from the company 'Be Real talks' to tell me some information about an event that is running at the London College of Fashion.

The event includes a talk called ' Why Size doesn't matter' and is a night that involves a fun carefree way of discussing body confidence issues. In my opinion this is a great way to open discussion on this topic, men and women everywhere are told how they should look, what size they should be and how to change. This event looks to me to be a fun event where you can meet like minded people, have fun and gain some knowledge. 

Also remember that ridiculous article written by Samantha Brick? Well this really super cool babe Natasha Devon basically told her what for on ITV and it quite frankly made me LOVE her and she will also be talking at the event so yeh I totally think you should come with me so I can fangirl over how amazing she is.

It does really look like a good night, and if any of you know me from reading my blog, I don't feature anything on here that isn't of interest to me! I would love to meet some of the readers from my blog so if you  fancy coming along with and making a night of it drop me an email or tweet me @calliethorpe 

The lovely lady over at Be Real Talks has created a discount code for my readers who would like to join me  offering tickets at £15 using code CLL00406 - you can get your tickets here

Let me know what you think be sure to check out the other guest speakers for the event!

Callie xx

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