Having my cake and eating it.

This morning I did something that I don't normally do, I got into an argument with an offensive fat hating person on twitter. Much of our debate surrounded the fact that he thought I should lose weight for my health, that I am unhealthy, not attractive and that some how if I lose weight my life will be better. There were also some words like 'Rhino' thrown about which shows what kind of person he was. As you know I spoke openly before about how hard I found dealing with negative, abusive comments about my weight. Many of you said don't listen, ignore them, they are idiots. I know that all of the above is right but sometimes you just want to get angry about it, and sometimes you want to answer back. Today was that day. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable with myself and to take those comments on the chin. It was nearly a year ago that I started this blog, and I started researching plus size blogs, it was then that I found blogs such as Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason and Bethany Rutter. It was then that my ideas of beauty were challenged. That I could still be successful, attractive and happy and be fat. Gabi's Fatkini post stuck with more than most. I was due to go on holiday to Barbados and was worried of how I would look in swimwear.When I saw that Gabi created the concept of a Fatkini as a way to own the fact that she could wear what she wanted in the summer and still feel good it made me really think. Just because society doesn't think fat people should wear bikini's it doesn't mean she wont or we shouldn't.

Since that moment when I got my own Fatkini something changed in me, I felt empowered that I didn't have to justify my body to anyone. That I could wear a bikini on holiday and look fucking hot (Dan's words)

This changed my whole outlook on how I dress, how I behave and how I talk to other girls who are going through the same thing. Today I didn't hold back on telling some guy on twitter that I am worth more than my size, that I don't have to justify my size or my health to anyone. That if I want to stay fat or get fatter that is my prerogative. I also wanted to tell him why he was wrong, treat it as a opportunity to teach him something. Firstly how to have manners, secondly to challenge his ignorance with facts. This is a message to anyone reading my blog... don't hold back in having your say, challenge people's ignorance, be proud of who you are no matter what size you are. You are a human being with feelings, you are entitled to your opinion as is the person who made the comments this morning. Use your voice to make a change and put a stop to sizeist bullshit.

To anyone who agrees with these fat hating views please enjoy some pictures of me eating cake... after all that is what all fat people do isn't it? Mmmm CAKE.

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