Weekend Wanders

This week has been tiresome, I couldn't wait to see the back of it so when friday came around I almost did a little happy dance in the office. Do you ever get that where you are literally losing the will to live from the worst week at work? The weather was a joke all week and that put me in a mood and I was just so tired every day, no matter how much I slept I just wasn't waking up refreshed urgh. Friday evening was cheered up by a girly night with wine, giggles and munchies. Always a pick me up having a laugh with your girls. Saturday Dan and I had arranged to meet our friends in Borough Market for a cheeky lunch and catch up with coffee. I love me some Borough Market, so much good food that it is impossible to choose what to have. I chose to wear something comfy to walk around the market so opted for a maxi skirt and converse. I didn't even get round to taking a good picture what kind of blogger am I?!! Also my eyes look like they are shut I am smiling so hard hahahaha.

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For lunch I chose a Grilled Chicken, roasted Red Pepper and Halloumi wrap, which is a humble yet excellent lunch choice and we tasted the most amazing passion fruit curd and was salivating for a good 10 minutes. Need to have a go of making that. Unbelievably good.

This coconut cake was IMMENSE and after uploading to Instagram I discovered it's an Australian cake I really want to have a go at making this at home, so light and tasty! 

After this delicious feast and a bloody good catch up with my babes the weather turned grim and Dan and I made our way home with two ready meal dinners from Marks and Spencer, that's right no glam just a dirty box dinner because as much of a foodie as I am I couldn't be assed. At least I opted for a posh ready meal thought right? That set the tone for the evening slothing on the sofa, eating bad food and cuddling. Oh well onto a new week and I have some lovely things planned and waking up to this beautiful human is enough to cheer up any shitty week for me. 

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