Wearing my PJ pants.

The most ridiculous blog title you have ever read? Yep. You are most likely wondering why the hell I went out in my Pjama's, fear not I didn't actually do it I am talking about my new Peg Trousers from ASOS Curve.  These bad boys are so comfy it felt like I was actually out in my PJ's. I saw them online and thought yep I have to have these as you may notice I am a sucker for a polkadot and I am loving a trouser lately. In hindsight I should have sized down as after a lot of walking around Budapest these did become baggy (they are jersey stretch), so ladies if you are bigger than a 24 then still give these a go. I chose to wear mine high waisted well because why the fuck not? I am really starting to apply the notion that I  learnt from one of my blogger babes Franceta Johnson 'Zero Fucks, Zero Regrets' I watched this video where Franceta talks about not wasting energy on caring about what other people think of you, it moved me and made me really think of my worth. Sometimes now and then I actually say it out loud to reinforce that I can wear what I want so long as it makes me feel good. So Franceta Thank you. 

How handsome does my boy look?!

Trousers - ASOS Curve - Similar here  I actually hav the floral ones too.
Black Tee - Primark 
Coat - ASOS Curve Old.
Converse - Office

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