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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The little things.

I have anxiety. There I said it. I spend some days going over and over things trying to organise my thoughts, plan for things that may never happen, get angry and cry because I take something someone has said so literally that it feels like a personal attack on me. I know deep down that I will overcome this, everyone has a little anxiety some more than others, but when things feel like they are getting out of control, that you are losing grasp of things, just stop and think about the little things. The little things that have put a smile on your face this week or month, it sounds ridiculous but just try, it helps me, this blog helps me. So here's a list all the things that have made me happy these last few weeks would love to hear what has made you happy this week.

The few days of sunshine that graced London put a smile on my face, it reminded me of the good times we have during summer in London; Picnics, beer gardens, BBQ's and Bike rides. 

Is there anything more satisfying that a good old fashioned full english on a Saturday morning?

These words made such an impact on me, and really made me forget any troubles or woes I had about self image its surprising how a few words can change a mindset.

Cooking, I love it and it really makes me happy. I love cooking a sunday roast with all the trimmings and always love Easter for my favourite Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic.

Celebrating birthdays with my friends. I love bringing out the cake and singing happy birthday to my loved ones. I love to reinforce that they are special and they deserve a whole day to be loved.


My lovely friend Lauren kindly gifted me some Marc Jacobs headphones to review and I love them. Getting up in the morning to go to work I just plug in my iPhone  and switch off from the world ready for my commute. These are the only designer thing I own and they are wonderful.

 Nothing makes me happier than Daniel, if I do more of these posts he will most likely feature in every single one, because he is the Ying to my Yang and even when I am at my lowest and hitting rock bottom he is there to scoop me up. 


  1. Lovely blog. I'm totally with you on the anxiety front, so you've prompted me to think of what has made me happy over the last week. Thank you :) x

    1. I think we all have a drop of it, it's not fun but this really does help! <3 x

  2. I'm sorry you're struggling my love, if you need to talk I'm always here for you and your gorgeous face.
    I like doing these sorts of posts when things are tough, it's so refreshing to take some time to focus on the good bits. You're a strong, wonderful person and I have no doubt that you can get through anything.
    Masses of love for you xxx

  3. What a lovely inspiring post!!! The little things in life totally mean the most!!! mwah xxx

  4. This post really is gorgeous. It is definitely really important to remember how good the little things are. You are an inspiration.

    Kate xxx

  5. Love this post Callie. I have anxiety too, sometimes it's hard but thinking about the things that do make you happy and doing the things that make you happy definitely does help a lot. xx

  6. Lovely post. I always find words and pictures help too, tumblr is responsible for my positive attitude! Xx

  7. aww this post is so cute! great photos aswell :)

  8. This a fantastic post! I suffer with Anxiety too and your right focusing on little things and living in the moment helps so much! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment B xx

  9. Anxiety is caused by stress so anything you can do to remove that stress will help you to feel calmer. The deep relaxation that you get with hypnosis practiced daily will remove that anxiety gradually with practice. My website will explain more

  10. I have anxiety too. A good walk in the park on a sunny day always makes me feel better :)

  11. Lists like these are one of the absolute best things to combat anxiety. That, and incredibly awesome songs (like anything by Ludo)!

  12. Thank you for speaking so candidly about your anxiety. There are so many people that suffer from anxiety and depression and they are often to afraid to speak it.I like making lists too! Here are some of mine 1.Breakfast! 2. My partner 3. Birthday's ( I celebrated mine this week)

  13. I absolutely love your blog and added you to my blog list. xoxo