Duck & Waffle.

Views of the Heron Tower

I love going to fancy places and pretending to be all fancy don't you? For my birthday this year Dan treated me to brunch on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in London at the Duck & Waffle . With astounding views and imaginative food this is such a great place to celebrate any occasion and I can tell you now it certainly was fancy enough for me.We started our brunch off with a good old english breakfast tea I know tea is tea but this was so refreshing, kinda pricey at £4 a cup but good all the same.

Views of the Heron Tower

Duck & Waffle English Breakfast Tea.

For our starter we decided to try something a little different. Now this may sound disgusting and what's inside this little bag is something that may not be to everyones taste but our chosen starter was Pig Ears. Barbecued Pig Ears to be exact. I am aware that Pig Ears are usually something you feed to your dog, but these crunchy delicious smokey treats are far from dog food. I can only liken them to frazzle crisps with the crunch of a pork scratching. SO good. 

Duck & Waffle Pigs Ears

Duck & Waffle Pigs Ears

Now on to our brunch main. You can't go to a restaurant called the Duck & Waffle and not try the Duck & Waffle. Again this isn't necessarily something you would think could work. Confit of Duck, waffle, mustard maple syrup and an egg. I assure you though this works. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten. Perfectly crispy duck, fluffy waffles, sweet and silky syrup all finished off with a topping of sunshine with a fried egg. 

The Duck & Waffle

Dan chose to go for the manly sized full english. I had a bite and although it was good it was no duck & waffle so I urge you to avoid getting something you have had before and try something different.

Duck & Waffle Full English

Finally we fancied something sweet and although this screams diabetes we ordered the crispy fried Mars Bar, served with malted ice cream topped with delicious biscuit crunch it was gooey goodness. 

Duck & Waffle Battered Mars Bar

This was such a wonderful birthday treat and it just so happened to be snowing which made the views look even more beautiful. Inside the decor was stunning and I imagine it would look even more fantastic at night. I cannot recommend the Duck & Waffle anymore it was such an experience and I will most definitely be going back!

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