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Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Monthly Roundup.

Life has a funny way of biting you in the ass doesn't it. As old Sinatra would say You're riding high in April shot down in May. This month hasn't been the best, in fact it has been stressful for me, finding out we have to move from the flat that I have lived in for 6 years came as a shock and trying to find somewhere new to live isn't fun. Saving money isn't fun. Not a lot has been fun if I am honest. Although I have been doing some lovely things amongst the shitness of the month which has helped me get over my hump. Here's what I have been up to....

The London Marathon 

I have lived here in London 6 years and this was my first year at the Marathon. I was there to support my friend Daniel who was running for the MS charity, a charity very close to my heart. I was so proud when he came across the finish line at 3 hours 50. The weather was lovely and the atmosphere was immense. So if you did the Marathon I commend you! 

Wanders and Sunshine.

I love spring blossom, something so mesmerising about it don't you think?

Picnics in the park and colouring in, something so therapeutic about it.

Wearing my ASOS Curve floral trousers, they are so comfy! Meeting Charl of Ginger girl says and Alice of Bright town girl and some other beauties at a beauty bloggers meet up. 

The Awesix Seven Sisters social opera launch 

Before the launch we all decided to go and grab some dinner at a Tapas Restaurant in Angel called 
Sangria. I have to say the Tapas was good but wasn't too impressed with the Paella, was a little undercooked for my liking.

Danie my friend and the creative director of Awesix Media did really well with her launch head over to her twitter to find out more about the Seven Sisters social media Soap Opera!

Thanks for dropping by kids. <3 


  1. I love colouring in, haha!

  2. Aww sorry to hear your month hasn't been too good. Usually I hate February, but March/April haven't been good for me this year, been zero fun and a lot of stress. Hopefully things will look up in May.

  3. Running a marathon is definitely something I need to cross off my bucket lists! Hope everything looks brighter for you in May!
    Love your style!

    All in a soiree has officially joined Facebook, Be sure to like my page to stay updated snippets of events and design:)

  4. Sorry to hear you've had a poopy month. I'm sure things will pick up :)

    A big thumbs up for your friend running for M.S. It's something very close to my heart! How much did he raise? x

  5. Looks like a good time in spite of your bad month. I hope May is better for you :)

  6. Places I would love to be right now: London.

    Awesome pictures :D - a plus(h) size fashion blog

  7. great post,nice pictures!I love yr blog!
    would you like to follow each other?