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Friday, 1 March 2013

Yalla Yalla - My Favorite Lebanese.

Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ

What I love most about London is that on a Saturday night when you decide to go out for an impromptu dinner with a friend there is just so much to choose from; Soho, West End, Shoreditch, so many cheap eats or luxury dining. This particular night my best friend Anthon and I decided to head to Yalla Yalla, I have already been there twice before and it is by far one of my favourite places to eat in London. Selling meze style Lebanese street food you have a pick of some of the most delicious foods I have ever tasted. 

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ
    The inside of the restaurant was very colourful and had a very welcoming vibe to it. The smells
    wafting around were just amazing and totally teased the the senses.

     The first Meze we chose was Spicy Chicken wings, topped with fresh ruby pomegranates which
     when bursting in the mouth complimented the spicy and vingary flavour.

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ
Next we opted for the Soujoc; Homemade spicy lebanese sausages with tomato, parsley & lemon 
 juice. The intense sausage flavour and the soft tomatoes were to die for. We even saved some to 
 accompany our main!

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ

For main I was torn between lamb or chicken, but as I was quite full I though red meat may have just
pushed me over the edge. Instead I ordered 'Shish Taouk', Charcoal grilled marinated chicken breastgrilled tomato, sumac onion salad & vermicelli basmati rice. Anthon chose the 'Chicken Shawarma' Thin slices of marinated chicken, grilled tomato, pickles, sumac onion salad, & vermicelli rice.

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ

One of the best things we ordered was the Baba ghannouj. Charcoal grilled aubergine purée, tahini,  
    garlic and fresh lemon juice. This was a party in my mouth so creamy, and fresh!

Images of Yalla Yalla Winsley St  London W1W 8HQ

The whole meal at Yalla Yalla between us came to around £40 including service charge. I know, I know that is so bloody cheap, considering the quality of the food. I would have paid much more for my meal, and have done at other Lebanese chains. I cannot recommend this place enough, tucked around the corner of Oxford street (nearest tube Oxford Circus) it is a perfect place to grab amazing dinner with friends!


  1. The food looks yummyyy!! You and Anthon are both hottt!! Xxx

  2. We ate there after the Evans event and oh godddd it was good! That's the one thing I bloody love about London is the amount of incredible places to eat.
    You look gorgeous <3

  3. Wow - everything looks SO tasty!!!! I wish I was travelling to London sometime soon so I could rush into this place.

  4. Ok, you need to visit Dubai asap. You will be spoiled for choice!

  5. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  6. Love your blog, will deffs have to go here some time. I'm a new follower - would love it if you checked out my foodie blog xxxx


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