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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What a girl wants.

I love that I just titled a this post with a Christina Aguilera song but hey who doesn't love a 90's throwback? I seem to be buying a lot of my clothes lately on ASOS and for some reason I haven't really been looking at other sites, today I thought I would have a mooch on New Look and see if there was anything that caught my eye. As you all know there isn't a lot of variety for us plus-size babes on the high street but I managed to find a few gems that are on point with the trends that are about now.




I can't even believe that I am posting these but... jackets. Yep I was looking at jackets because it's been fricken mental weather in London; snowing and raining and all sorts for the past few weeks. What the hell is going on? I was hoping to be ditching the jackets for some nice cardigans and loose sweaters with the hope of a little bit of sunshine, but NO instead I am looking for jackets In New Look These ones below are really nice and a little lighter than a heavy duty winter coat and again are on trend.


Stone (Stone ) Inspire Stone Contrast Piping Trench Coat | 267839016 | New Look

Red Pattern (Red) Inspire Red and White Baseball R Jersey Jacket | 274061169 | New Look


Green Pattern (Green) Inspire Green Camouflage Utility Jacket  | 265878239 | New Look

I hope this post wasn't too boring I know I haven't really done anything like this in ages, just thought it would be nice to post what's out there for you babes to get your hands on. What do you think anything good up there or have you got any recommendations? 

Callie xXx


  1. Love that song! Loving the dress & jumper! xx


  2. You read my mind about the 90s look! I was drooling over ASOS' straight sizes grungy goodness earlier...more of this for Curve plz!

  3. I've seen that varsity jacket and I must say that I think im going to give in ahah.
    I don't no if you've seen but now you can shop some New Look outfit on Asos Curve :)

  4. I really like the trench coat, so classic!

  5. I love a good trench, but I like a long one. It seems more fancy to me.