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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A little bit of Loving #3

It is no secret that I write this Blog from a perspective as a plus size woman. One thing that I have realised (from feedback) is that some of the issues  I have talked about on my Blog do resonate with some of my readers. Today I wanted to share you with a different perspective of being plus-size from my best friend Anthon. That's right ladies and gents I have some hot plus-size male eye candy for you. 

Anthon has been my best friend forever and he is literally like my brother. As you can imagine we have both shared some similar experiences, with being bigger than some of our other friends, we have always supported each other with issues to do with our weight and our self confidence. It was actually Anthon that encouraged me to work on being more confident. He has always taken the don't give a f**k attitude in terms of how he enjoys fashion. As you can see from the above pictures he WERKS colour and hats and accessories. Anthon is always extremely nifty with a sewing machine and he tailors all his jeans, taking boring bland plus size jeans and making them a skinny fashion statement, he inspires me constantly to step out of my comfort zone and be bolder with my fashion even better that I live with him so I have my own personal stylist in from the comfort of my home. Not only this he also writes a Blog Boy does Big where he shows tutorials of clothes tailoring for other plus size men. Overall my boy is owning it and I couldn't be happier to have a friend who is supportive of my endeavours on my Blog. I think ya'll should go and show him some love @anthonvodden <3


  1. Anthon has amazing style , sound like you have got an amazing friendship too . I love that he has a blog for plus size men probably a rarity in the blogging world xxx

  2. Spooky, Hubby has just written a post today on being a plus size man
    We totally think that their isn't as much of a market around for the plus size man.
    Anthon's look is fab and I love the fact he customises stuff to suit him. Mucho Love for Mr Anthon!!
    Great Post Callie <3 xx

  3. What a great bud to have and I agree with above that a male-plus-size blog must be a rare thing in blog-land.

  4. What a fittie! Love his style! It's lovely to hear about your friendship. x x

  5. I love his style and your friendship together sounds awesome!

  6. I kind of love him. I love you both, can I come be your 3rd friend? *sobs* LOL, instantlly added to my blog roll and a place in my heart! HAHA <3

    1. Uhh duhhhhhhhh this is reason 23455 for you to move to London <3

    2. omg fran, he is the best! you would love him!

  7. What a cutie and he has great style!
    Hugs to you both, Susan

  8. He's such a bad ass, I love him!

    You're both amaze!


    Love, love!