Share the Love.

I obviously have been sharing what I have been wearing for a while on my blog and of course I love it, but I think it is really important to share with you some other gorgeous curvy babes who also are rocking some amazing fashion looks. I plan on making this a regular feature and have the idea to choose a mix of bloggers, friends, and strangers to these posts. I love looking at how others style themselves, where they get their inspiration and just generally to have a nosy at what they are wearing, so without further ado allow me to introduce you to my first beauty.

Kartika Zulkarnain

Kartika, is a close family friend of mine and has always been so breathtakingly beautiful. I remember when I was younger that people said that we looked alike, I always used to feel so honored as come on, how gorgeous is she?! What I love most is that Kartika is an advocate for all beauty, her Instagram is full of love for others. She dresses perfectly and I love her style. Kartika describes her style as classic but contemporary  and loves wearing different prints and textures and also takes great inspiration from her Asian heritage. She loves finding cuts that suits her body shape and applying her own edge to her clothes. I wanted to share Kartika first as she has been so supportive to me with everything concerning my blog and I really wanted to share her beauty and spirit with you. You will find her on Instagram Tikiboo84 and tweeting away @tikiboo84

Thank you for reading today. I hope to be making this a regular thing either weekly or monthly what do you think? 

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