Day 2. BPSFW

Day two of the event was at Shoreditch Town hall, a much larger venue and a lot cooler! There were lots of new faces and so many confident stylish women at the event looking far too fierce for words. I enjoyed the day and the fashion show, there were again some flaws with organisation throughout but we of course needed this to happen in order to move forward and allow the event to grow and improve.  My choice of outfit for the Saturday was the Neon Floral dress from ASOS. It wasn't something I would normally pick but I am challenging myself to be more daring and I think it paid off! I felt amazing in this dress, I opted for a  slightly more casual look by adding a leather jacket and booties.

Dress - ASOS Curve
Coat - New Look Inspire
Boots - Evans 

My girls Danie, Amy and Sian looking so bloody hot don't you think?

 After a mental day we decided to go for dinner and drinks at The Breakfast club in Hoxton. (I will be posting about this restaurant soon) and I cannot tell you how hilarious this was! I spent the majority of my evening crying with laughter. Real tears people, real tears! Its things like that, that make me so happy to have started my blog, getting to meet like-minded people, and friends for life. 

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