BPSFW - The Fashion Show

You may be wondering why I am writing a whole post on just a fashion show when I could have featured this in my previous two posts. Well, the truth is out of the whole weekend this was my favourite part. Don't get me wrong it wasn't perfect, (issues with sound, delays in timing and some inappropriate body shaming comments) but for me I enjoyed seeing what the plus-size designers showcasing had to offer. There were many designers that I had never heard of such as One one 3Lucabella and Cult of California. I was also excited to see some beautiful girls who I have followed for a while on Twitter walk the run way - Olivia Campbell and Jada Sezer I am talking to you! These girls looked so gorgeous and they personally are one of the reasons I enjoyed this part of the event so much. I think if this part of the day is worked on even more for next time, it will be phenomenal.

 photo DSC_0135_zpse2461aad.jpg  photo DSC_0119_zpsa7be4dd4.jpg  photo DSC_0122_zpsa24942bd.jpg  photo DSC_0144_zpsc074ed0c.jpg  photo DSC_0167_zpseaf1ffb9.jpg  photo DSC_0174_zps1257ac26.jpg  photo DSC_0170_zpse6e297a2.jpg  photo DSC_0163_zps0bf308d4.jpg

I have to say I was in love with the Swimsuits from Swimsuits for all it was so inspiring to see plus-size women embracing their bodies in gorgeous swim wear that I personally would purchase for myself. There were so many items that the girls wore down the run way that I just wanted to shout OMG I need that. What was most refreshing was being able to see clothes that I have seen online be worn by a model in front of me. Do you ever look at something on line and bypass it because you can't get an idea of how it would look on you? I do it all the time! There were things that I have seen on my favourite websites that when I saw on the run way made me look at the item in a completely different light.Overall I was super impressed with the clothing and I am so glad I have been introduced to some new and fantastic plus-size designers.

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