A little bit of Loving.

Blogging can be a funny old thing, I sometimes wonder whether it is narcissistic. You know all the selfless, the outfit posts, the talking about your own life all the bloody time. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I decided to create a space on my blog where the focus is on someone else, where I can share with my readers other women, or men that inspire me. I have renamed this series of blog post 'A little bit of Loving'  The first post I wrote like this you can find here. Without further ado allow me to introduce you the second lady of the series Danie Vanier.

Danie is new to the plus-size blogging scene, and I actually came across her from Instagram and it was a love affair from the get go. I loved her outfit posts, her eclectic dress sense and her humour. After weeks of chatting and liking each others posts we finally met at the Evans press day in London. It's safe to say we hit it off. The photos I have chosen above I feel really represent Danie's style. I love that as a plus size girl she rocks a body con, and can make a simple black dress look sophisticated and chic. Though she hasn't started a physical blog page yet, you can find her page on tumblr here. My outfit posts recently have been inspired heavily buy Danie's style, simply because she has been encouraging me to be a bit more brave with my colours and my accessories. If you would like to step out of your comfort zone with your fashion then my girl Danie is for you. Check her out tweeting here and on Instagram @danievanier trust me you won't regret it.

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