What I wore in Paris.

In all honesty I never normally plan outfits for when I am away, mainly because I can never decide what I want to wear and secondly because when ever I plan I end up changing my mind any way. I know you've all been there! You have idea of what you want today but the next day you may just change your mind.

Any way, the only thing I did plan for was buying a new coat, which as you will see has featured heavily in all of my photographs from Paris. For the first time in a very long time I decided to buy a light coloured coat, now, if you know me you will know that the reason I never by light coloured clothing is because; 

1. I live in black clothing.
2. I spill everything on myself

YES I am nothing fancy guys, I spill drinks, food, the lot on myself!
I am really trying to work on it, I have no idea why I am so clumsy I just am! So the beige coat was a real big deal for me, but you know what I am so glad I did it, and I can proudly announce no spills! You are probably hoping that I am going to stop rambling now and get to show you some pictures so here goes...

Coat- Primark -£35
T-shirt- Primark- £2.50
Tights- Marks and Spencer- £6
Pencil Skirt-Primark -£8
Boots- Evans found here currently in the sale.


  Polka dot shirt- Asda £14 (summer purchase)
Watch River Island - Similar here
Necklace -Primark- £5  

Later on when it got cold I purchased this plaid scarf for 10 euros from a little Christmas market I wanted one before I went so I was ecstatic that I found one. If you like the plaid look there is a lovely one here from Urban Outfitters and in the sale for £10

Peplum Tee- Currently £7 in sale here at Dorothy Perkins

Any way that is the end of my outfit photos. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about what I am wearing drop me a tweet at @calliethorpe or on Instagram with the same user name.

Callie x

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