New Year Resolutions.

2012 was something spectacular, it was a year when I opened doors for myself, where I learnt to appreciate the smaller things. Where I started to appreciate myself and those around me. It was also a year of bad health, loss of friendships, and some really difficult times. If I could go back and change anything would I? I think the answer would be no. 2012 certainly wasn't perfect, in fact at times it was wearing. Now here I am sitting here with the intention of committing myself to a set of rules to live by for 2013. 'New Years Resolutions' lots of us make them, lots of us break them, but you know what, most of us are just trying to be better people than we are. So this year I have made some promises that my Resolutions will not be set in stone, that if I make them then that's great. If not its no big deal.

1. Ditch the Diet

I am so drained and tired of the years and years of Yo Yo dieting. I have taken myself to the darkest places in a bid to get rid of my disgusting fat body. The truth is I have gotten bigger from the dieting. The diet industry is just one big ploy to take our money and make us feel bad about ourselves. Well I for one am not participating anymore. I want to live a happy and healthy life, therefore this year I will walk more, go to Zumba, go swimming, go for a bike ride, have that chocolate bar but also have those vegetables. Love my body and throw away useless shit books like the one below!

2. Stop seeking approval from everyone.

I have serious anxiety issues and they stem from bad things but I refuse to let them control my life. I don't need to ask everybody three times over for approval of what I am wearing, where I am going on my holiday, what I do with my own money. No it stops now, this is my life and I need to be secure in my choices, if they don't work out that's another lesson learnt and I can live with that.

3. Be more appreciative of Dan.

It feels like Dan was brought as a blessing into my life, he came at just the right time, he changed everything he was my first love and will be my last. I couldn't even write a paragraph long enough to say how much this boy does for me. I know that at times I can be a high maintenance bossy bitch yet he still sticks around he still loves me flaws and all. I don't think a day goes by when his childish, foolish ways don't make me laugh. This year I want to take the time to be more attentive to him, to do more things that he wants to do, to stop moaning at him for stupid things, and to stop trying to change him and remember he is perfect just as he is.

4. Go out more, see more, do more.

I love my home so much and it has to be said that I am a little bit stuck in my ways when it comes to choosing staying in over going out. I need to remember that I have my whole life to sit in my house and be content but I am only young once and that I need to be out more, meeting new people, drinking nice drinks, eating nice meals, experiencing new things. Exploring London! I am so blessed to live here and need to make use of the her beauty.

5. Appreciate friends more.

My friends do a lot for me, and I need to stop reminding them I do a lot for them, its not a good trait to keep track of the things you do for people to then use it against them at another time. Keep those things in mind in your own head, it will show you that you are trying to be a good person and that you don't give to receive. Make time for your friends, make an effort, support them in their endeavors be there for them when they make mistakes just as they are for you.

6. Finally, Blog more.

Blogging has brought something else to my life, something that is just mine. I have made wonderful friends and got to do some really amazing things through it and it has improved my confidence so much. I hope to blog more for 2013 and to share with my readers a little bit of my life. Happy New Year!