An open letter to the Daily Mail trolls

The Daily Mail article

I suppose this endeavor is pointless as most of the readers of the daily mail didn't even take the time to look at my blog, to find out who I am before spewing masses of abuse to me or my friends.

At the start I was angry at you but now, if anything I pity you for being the kind of person who finds it so easy to humiliate and judge people. Some of the comments, I and the other girls received today were in my honest opinion, expected because everyone wants to put their two pence in. I know lots of people will be reading this thinking why did you read the shitty comments? I have even asked myself this. Why read something you know is going to hurt you? I'm sorry to say I have no answer to this. Maybe I'm a masochist. I think in total I read only four comments but they have been playing around my head all day. All I know is that it really hurts to see people stoop as low to shaming us on a national paper. 

If you have commented and actually ventured to my blog, let me make this very clear, I may cry over the comments tonight but tomorrow I will wake up next to my loving bf, go down stairs in my lovely flat in London and say good morning to my best friends.I will open my phone to tweet or browse on Facebook on my commute to work and see the reams of comments that so many wonderful people have left for me and your comment will be but a memory. You will most likely find someone else to bully tomorrow but before you do, take a minute and think how you would feel if you saw your sister, friend, mother being spoken to the way that you have spoken to me or the other girls featured. Having the balls to put ourselves out their subject to criticism is something that takes guts and is something to be proud of. So today you may have defeated me tomorrow you will not.

To all those reading that have been nothing but supportive you are seriously wonderful kind people and I promise that your comments have meant the world to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to share something that moved me today I know that the content of what I am about to share, my family and friends had already said, I guess because this person was a stranger to me that it moved me so much. 

Hiya Callie,

I've just subscribed to your blog and have been following you on Instagram for a while now and i dont normally do this sort of thing but I just wanted to contact you personally and say when i got to work this morning and logged in for my daily mail fix I honestly was so happy to see your moosh online. You were ROCKING that dress and looking like a complete and utter babe!

Please don't be upset by these vulgar people who are leaving disgusting comments - some people really have nothing better to do with their time apart from be completely utter vile human beings - your beautiful and what your doing is a great thing you are inspiring so many women (me being one of them!) to feel "ok" in their own skin and you know what it's about time so this is a private and personal little thank you from me to you for putting yourself out there and for making people realise how beautiful we really are.
From what I read you have an amazingly kind and positive outlook on life which many of these trolls would be envious of and would dream to have.

Continue to surround yourself with people who praise you up and make you feel like the million dollars you deserve to feel like - I'm 27 now I just wish I had found my body confidence some years ago. Like most things it's taken a while but I'm slowly getting there and I proudly showed you off (even tho I don't really know you I just feel like I know you - you know like when you see someone off the telly on street and you think "oh I know her" haha) to the ladies (and gents) in my office today whom all commented on how beautiful you all were 

I don't know why I felt so compelled to contact you I guess I just kept reading the comments today at work every so often and my heart sunk how can people be so cruel to these women who are making a stand for so many of us.

Be proud, dry your eyes and get used to all the love pouring your way... Just keep doing what your doing and keep your head up high today the daily mail tomorrow the world 
Thank you to this person who emailed me. You will never know how much its means.Love and happiness to everyone.
Love Callie xX

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