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Monday, 21 January 2013

An open letter to the Daily Mail trolls

The Daily Mail article

I suppose this endeavor is pointless as most of the readers of the daily mail didn't even take the time to look at my blog, to find out who I am before spewing masses of abuse to me or my friends.

At the start I was angry at you but now, if anything I pity you for being the kind of person who finds it so easy to humiliate and judge people. Some of the comments, I and the other girls received today were in my honest opinion, expected because everyone wants to put their two pence in. I know lots of people will be reading this thinking why did you read the shitty comments? I have even asked myself this. Why read something you know is going to hurt you? I'm sorry to say I have no answer to this. Maybe I'm a masochist. I think in total I read only four comments but they have been playing around my head all day. All I know is that it really hurts to see people stoop as low to shaming us on a national paper. 

If you have commented and actually ventured to my blog, let me make this very clear, I may cry over the comments tonight but tomorrow I will wake up next to my loving bf, go down stairs in my lovely flat in London and say good morning to my best friends.I will open my phone to tweet or browse on Facebook on my commute to work and see the reams of comments that so many wonderful people have left for me and your comment will be but a memory. You will most likely find someone else to bully tomorrow but before you do, take a minute and think how you would feel if you saw your sister, friend, mother being spoken to the way that you have spoken to me or the other girls featured. Having the balls to put ourselves out their subject to criticism is something that takes guts and is something to be proud of. So today you may have defeated me tomorrow you will not.

To all those reading that have been nothing but supportive you are seriously wonderful kind people and I promise that your comments have meant the world to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to share something that moved me today I know that the content of what I am about to share, my family and friends had already said, I guess because this person was a stranger to me that it moved me so much. 

Hiya Callie,

I've just subscribed to your blog and have been following you on Instagram for a while now and i dont normally do this sort of thing but I just wanted to contact you personally and say when i got to work this morning and logged in for my daily mail fix I honestly was so happy to see your moosh online. You were ROCKING that dress and looking like a complete and utter babe!

Please don't be upset by these vulgar people who are leaving disgusting comments - some people really have nothing better to do with their time apart from be completely utter vile human beings - your beautiful and what your doing is a great thing you are inspiring so many women (me being one of them!) to feel "ok" in their own skin and you know what it's about time so this is a private and personal little thank you from me to you for putting yourself out there and for making people realise how beautiful we really are.
From what I read you have an amazingly kind and positive outlook on life which many of these trolls would be envious of and would dream to have.

Continue to surround yourself with people who praise you up and make you feel like the million dollars you deserve to feel like - I'm 27 now I just wish I had found my body confidence some years ago. Like most things it's taken a while but I'm slowly getting there and I proudly showed you off (even tho I don't really know you I just feel like I know you - you know like when you see someone off the telly on street and you think "oh I know her" haha) to the ladies (and gents) in my office today whom all commented on how beautiful you all were 

I don't know why I felt so compelled to contact you I guess I just kept reading the comments today at work every so often and my heart sunk how can people be so cruel to these women who are making a stand for so many of us.

Be proud, dry your eyes and get used to all the love pouring your way... Just keep doing what your doing and keep your head up high today the daily mail tomorrow the world 
Thank you to this person who emailed me. You will never know how much its means.Love and happiness to everyone.
Love Callie xX


  1. You my friend, are gorgeous! You all look absolutely bloody amazing!! Those commenters are absolutely scum. Nothing surprises me with the Daily Mail. People really have too much time on their hands, and too much hatred for the world. Chin up Solider. We've all got your back xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. What a gorgeous email. And every word is true.
    The people that make these awful comments aren't worth
    Your tears Hun.... You are a beautiful, strong, independent
    Woman (cue Destiny's song in my head as I type lol)
    You are an inspiration and for all the negative there is
    Sooo much more positive out there!!
    Keep your head held high and ignore these sad poor
    Excuses for people.
    Be who you are, be you... You are beautiful xxxx

  3. You, my darling, are the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure to see on my screen. You are not the most beautiful plus size girl but the most beautiful girl. It shines through in everything you write about, in your passion, your love for your friends and boyfriend, the way you carry yourself as well as in your perfect smile and enviable figure. You are my inspiration to take control of my body and have it portrayed in a positive light. The Daily Mail readers with their conservative views and opinionated yet misguided comments are nothing to you.

    You are in an Evans campaign. You run a successful blog. You got to stand there in gorgeous clothes that well known designers knocked up and you showed your face alongside two other beautiful, strong women. Those comments will never, ever take that away from you.

    This was long. The short of it is that you are phenomenal.

  4. Fuck those trolls !
    You look amazing !
    If they don't like it they don't have to read the article or your blog !
    People who have nothing better to do than put others down can not be truly happy with their own lives and for that i pity them
    You are surrounded by people who think your amazing and thats what you should focus on :)
    The world needs more people like you to inspire others
    Keep up the good work :)
    Launa xx

  5. Callie you're amazing and sooo completely stunning! I was literally so pissed off reading the daily mails troll comments that I ranted to my mum! I then showed her your blog and pics and she said you're absolutely gorgeous! I think it's disgusting the way people have responded to the article! And you knowww you're so much better than all those trolls! Jealous , sad idiots with quite a bit too much time on their hands! You're literally beautiful inside and out! And I lavvv you blooooooooooooooody lots! Keep your chin up and keep doing your thing beautiful! Xxxxxx

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  7. What I saw was a picture of 3 very successful and beautiful women. The article was okay, but from being a follower of your blog and FB, I know that you are promoting women wearing clothes that fit their bodies--most importantly, yet not exclusively, bras. I wouldn't consider myself plus size, or exceptionally curvy...but I am busty, and it's nice to see busty women portrayed as fashionable vs. whoreish, confident vs. ashamed, and unapologetic vs. defensive. Don't let hateful people discourage you from being the person who you are. Anyone who takes what the media prints as the holy grail of truth needs to reevaluate their logic. People are dumb, period. My dad always told me 4 things that I've held near and dear to my heart: 1) Common sense ain't common. 2) Never try to make sense of nonsense. 3) Everybody likes nice things. 4) You are unique and beautiful. I will pass my dad's knowledge onto you. Don't try to make sense of other people's nonsense. You're better than that, and you have better things to do: Like build your empire.

  8. You are ace Callie, as are Georgina and Bethany, I think all 3 of you were really brave to put yourselves out there. That article will have inspired many more people than you'll ever know, just like the email you received there'll be many more people wanting to say the same.
    I enjoyed showing the article to my mum and friends today, saying that you are other bloggers doing something great. It might be that those trolls aren't comfortable seeing it in their papers or on their computer screen but there are just as many people loving it. X

  9. All of you look absolutely stunning!! To be fair, it's the Daily Mail so I gave up on expecting intelligent comments a long time ago. I reckon half of them don't even mean what they write, they are just being idiots trolling. You are right, you have a life that isn't going to be wrecked by pathetic people behind their computer screens!

  10. All of you looked stunning, and whilst I would expect some nastiness in the comments, the sheer volume and spiteful turn they took shocked me. It was nothing short of bullying and was a disgusting side to see in so many people. I only found your blog last week, and will be a regular follower. I think you are so beautiful, have an amazing figure and seem to be highly intelligent, creative, warm and just perfect - inside and out. xx

  11. I am absolutely sick to death of hate. All everyone does is judge and hate on other people. These people need to take a step back and look at themselves. There would be so much less depression and sadness in the world if people had some self acceptance like you and these other ladies too. I find your confidence amazing and inspiring. Does being a size 18 make you a worse person than someone a size 10? It's so sad how our world is led by vanity.
    You are an amazing girl and you are beautiful inside and out. Don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.


  12. I said it before you on Twitter and I will say it again: you're stunning! I read the piece in the Mail and I thought it showed you all in a wonderful light. The dress is amazing and I wish I had your figure so I could wear it like you do! Just ignore those ignorant arses who think they're able to comment on every body else's lives - you'll probably find they're simply jealous of your confidence and success in life! Don't cry and keep smiling! Helen xxx

  13. I read some of the comments online in disbelief. I've never known such utter crap be spewed out but such little minded, biggoted idiots. Theses people clearly have something lacking in their lives to take time to slag off people from behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

    You are stunning and that's that.


  14. you should be extremely proud of youself for putting yourself out there, i am a relatively newcomer to the blogging world and have really enjoyed reading your posts. ignore the hurtful comments from the keyboard warriers who wouldn't put themselves out there like you have, and almost certainly do not feel comfortable enough in their own skin in order which can be seen by them bothering to take from their day to stoop so low to post such horrible and hurtful comments.

    stay strong & be proud.

    X X X

  15. Hi, Try not to take the comments so personally. Easier said than done... i know!

    The comments are typical of your average DM reader and as soon as i saw a picture of you on the homepage this am, i was slightly concerned because
    a) It was a Liz Jones article and
    b) I am guilty of reading the DM articles and i'm used to what the comments would be like, so expected the hate.

    I'm curious to know why you did it? I was quite surprised at how pleasant the article itself was (knowing what Liz Jones is like.) But i do find DM readers to be quite narrow minded, ignorant e.t.c to say the least. I remember reading a Beyonce article a week or so ago... you know, the one about her GQ cover. One of the top comments were that she has tree trunk thighs. I could not believe what i was reading. I was thinking, are we looking at the same pic?

    You really should be so proud of yourself for putting yourself out there on the DM (of all websites.) If you can get through this, you can get through anything ;-) x

  16. Hey.

    Thanks for your comments. You are right DM readers are certainly not the kindest.
    In regards to why I did it, as I was asked my Evans to model I have been asked to participate
    In things such as being interviewed by the paper, I had no idea it would be Liz Jones
    She really wasn't as bad as I thought she would be, I think she plays on the fact she is a critic and people Love to hate her.
    I have learnt a valuable lesson that I should never ever read the DM
    Comments. Thank you for taking the time to post. Callie x

  17. Wow! You look great and congratulations on the modeling job! I hope it's just the first of many to come.

  18. Hey boo.

    Sending love and light to you. I had been sooo caught up in the inauguration to take a peek and read at what was going on over there with the comments and the vile. I have real tears. Real tears. Real Tears. Thank you for this post you have and I already loved you but love you even more for sharing. XOXOXOXO

  19. Oh My God, your blog is like a gift from heaven to me.
    You're a gorgeous girl and I just admire you for the way you feel about yourself, its something we all can see from the things you blog, and being happy with your own body whether you are a size 20 or an 8 isnt something easy to reach.
    Your blog is a wonderful thing, I love it.
    And please keep doing what you're doing, you're an inspiration to me and to many other girls. You're so full of coinfidence that I find incredible, I would be so happy if I could wake up one day and be happy with what I am.
    Dont let those comments hurt you, there's more people that love your blog and would stand up for you on the internet than those that will insult you.

  20. Exactly why they call these people trolls, spineless, pathetic fools who make a hobby of putting others down. Also it's totally natural to want to read the comments on your article, you're not a masochist, the trolls are the ones with the problem.

  21. I am so glad you are feeling a bit better today hunny. xxx Rose

  22. Hi Callie,

    I should actually thank Daily Mail as without them I would never come across your blog, so would never `meet` you:) I admire you and your style cause I am a shy size 12/14 girl who has grown up as a best friend of a model and always fought I am really fat. You gave me the courage to wear a mini dress today and I felt pretty good:) You have an amazing style and beautiful face and hair:) You’re gorgeous:)

  23. Crazy comments. You're gorge. I've a total girl crush on you! haha

  24. Hi,just a quick message to say how goregeous you three young women are and not to pay heed to anyone who thinks such nasty thoughts,let alone being pathetic enough to write them down!
    Ish xXx

  25. You're beautiful! Keep rockin' it!

  26. Ignore those idiots - and never, ever let it stop this brilliant blog. You're a much-needed inspiration, keep it up!

  27. You have a new follower here! When I saw the article online, I thought to myself, I must track down all the girls featured because I wanted to read your blogs as you all looked so gorgeous. I too read the comments and knew I shouldn't have. The closed mindness of these people and the fact they think they know it all because they are a size 10 like everyone should be (!) just leaves me completely shocked. I just don't understand how they get through life thinking everyone should look the same and they honestly believe we all got fat by sitting on the couch, being lazy and eating fatty foods! Anytime I've seen a positive body image article like that, those comments appear and so it's not even a 'personal' attack, just one against all 'fatties' (not sure if that makes it even worse!).

    I could just burst with anger when comments are made about how 'unhealthy' it is to be overweight and how we all must be in terrible health and that we are somehow "promoting" obesity. Why should we be 'ashamed' because we are bigger than a size 12? There are 'big girls' that are extremely fit and are just simply born to be that size. I myself happen to be in bad health, but it's got absolutely nothing to do with my weight and I fell ill when I was 'skinny'! It took me a long time to come to terms with my new body, but I couldn't be prouder of myself now and if I am to be 'fat' for the rest of my life then so be it. I'm damn lucky to have a body that works (most of the time) and I am who I am no matter what size I am. These trolls never think about the opposite end of the scale where people are so thin they are unhealthy (I'm not saying every thin person is unhealthy!) and yet their aim seems to be to try to make us all have issues like that, they just expect everyone to fit into one mould and life is not like that. There are unhealthy people at size 8, 12 and 24 just as there are healthy people at those sizes. I'm sorry I could go on about this topic for hours...! I'm really going to look forward to reading your posts and am happy to have found your blog x x x

  28. Hi Callie

    I'm a guy who has lived in London all my life and I'm going to say some things here that yourself and your readers may disagree with But before I get to that I'd like to take a moment and say congratulations for having the courage to start and pursue this blog of yours and pursue it tastefully. And I stress tastefully because others who post under the moniker of "plus size" but in actual fact simply strip down to their panties to show their vagina print and post pics of their breasts, then call their blog a "success" is something I find baffling and dare I say dishonest and a blatant misuse of the PS fraternity that you and others have worked hard to bring to the fore.

    But back to the topic at hand. Firstly as a man, I'd like to apologize on behalf of those men who felt the need to ridicule you. I read those comments and felt uncomfortable yet at the same time I'd consider it dishonest if I didn't state that as a guy, I understand it. Again, I want to stress that those comments were completely uncalled for and damn near heinous but take a step back from the situation and it's clear that those guys are not trolling. In fact, they are simply reinforcing what they (and myself) have been taught are the social norms.

    Consider this. I'm 27, my upbringing was no different to most or at least that of my peers/friends. The first "sexy" image I encountered was Jamie Lee Curtis via a film called "Trading Places." Which pretty much set the tone of how I defined beauty as an adolescent. In retrospect it's quite easy to see how the media worked hard to define our ideals In short, the pinnacle of western societies idea of beauty is a runway model. A woman who is about 5/5 in height. A woman who, once clothes, hair, and makeup is removed looks exactly like me when I was 10yrs old. Skinny and shapeless. Nope I'm not hear to denigrate any body type. But that high fashion "model" is what all images of western beauty is "modeled" on. Think about it other than yourself and your fellow PS what images of a PS women are accepted or even main stream? In fact, scrap the previous question & allow me to pose another. Could you name any woman in the UK who's in the media and A) is above average weight B) hasn't been ridiculed for said weight and C) Considered acceptable or sexy? I can't think of any. Gemma from towie is a portrayed as a joke. Heather from ES only got married & impregnated through copious amounts of pity. Corrie, Emmerdale, that new show on E4 (fat sad diary) Hollywood or US sitcoms. They always follow the same narrative. The PS woman is the fat one. A joke, a caricature, a failure, something to be pitied. I remember coming across the plussize parties (bgp) website and thinking I had reached the wrong site because the pics were of some oiled muscle guys?

    My point is that the notion of beauty and acceptance is embedded in our collective social conscience. So much so that I doubt that even the most confident among your ps blogger fraternity hasn't been made to feel less than her self worth at one point or another. You appearing in media which has a shrine/institution/page 3 dedicated to "beauty" is a direct challenge to what's taught which is why you garnered the response you did. To them, in "their world," you're the one who is trolling them. Even writing that sounds dumb but it doesn't take from the fact that that's how they perceived your appearance. I have three sisters. The youngest is a size 14 and it pains me to see what she goes through. I have previously dated PS women and while initially finding them extremely attractive all have had deep seeded confidence and acceptance issues and I personally, despite previous efforts, have had very little success trying to show them otherwise.

    M J