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Saturday, 22 September 2012

A little bit of London...

It has only been over the last few months that I have taken a much more avid interest in fashion. For many years I felt that I was too fat to wear fashionable, on trend clothing. My interest really began when I started writing this blog. I was welcomed into a blogging community, a place where I could share like-minded interests with others. It was from this I was able to build up the confidence to buy more colourful clothes, to attend bloggers events, to even post a picture of myself in a bikini for all the world to see, I feel like I am slowly but surely gaining more confidence and making more friends with people who have struggled with the same things I have.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend one of London's Fashion Week's events with Gabi Gregg of Gabi As many of you may know Gabi is one of the most famous plus sized bloggers around and I was lucky enough to have her stay with me for a few days while she was in London working with Simply Be. She is such a down to earth and beautiful girl and it was an absolute pleasure to have her stay.

My friend and I decided show her a bit of the non touristy part of London so decided to take her to Brick Lane. It is my most favourite market in London. Rich in culture, tons of cool vintage shops and amazing food stalls it is definitely a place that I recommend everyone should visit.


So going off tangent slightly... I went along with Gabi and a few other gorgeous bloggers to the Rani Zakehm fashion presentation in Cavendish Square. We decided to meet prior to the event to have a good chin wag, some cocktails and some nibbles. I was finally lucky enough to finally meet the lovely Amy Simon and Lauren after months of chatting over twitter and caught up with some fabulous bloggers I already knew Bethany and Hanna!

As soon as I walked through the doors of the Rani Zakehm fashion presentation and saw how amazing the models looked I fell in love with his Spring/Summer line. Rani's clothing is worn by a number of fabulous curvy celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Adele and Mariah Carey to name a few! His colour choices for the line are a mixture of rosy pinks, oranges, yellow and white tones. It was so fabulous and the models were stunning.

Here is the outfit I wore to the event. I have featured this shirt in another post I just love it so much and felt it was a good classic look for the event. I am sorry about the quality of some of these pictures I am in the process of getting a better camera for use on my blog, but in the mean time you may have to put up with my iPhone snaps! I hope you enjoyed this slightly long post but I felt I had a lot to fit in! Hope you have all had a fabulous week catch you soon.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Fatkini Post.

So I finally decided to write the 'Fatkini' post. For those that don't know Fatkini is a term to describe a bikini that us plus size ladies wear. The name originally came about from blogger Gabi Fresh  who posted a picture of herself looking gorgeous in a two piece bikini basically Gabi was making a statement to all women to proud of how they look no matter what size. This spurred on lots of girls to also send in photos of themselves looking beautiful and confident in their 'Fatkini's'.The post showing the pictures of the girls can be found HERE.

This following statement might cause upset with some people but I still find it difficult to hear the word Fat. I know that many plus size girls really take ownership of the word and use it as a positive way to describe the shape of their bodies. I however do not. Although I am fat I still find the word to hold great negative connotations. When I think back to the times I have ever been called FAT it holds nothing but painful experiences. Some might argue that 'curvy' or 'plus size' is matter of denial but those are the words that I choose to use when I describe myself. I only wish I was like those beautiful women that fully own the word fat I guess I am just not there yet.

When getting my swim wear for holiday I was nervous about the idea of being in a two piece but then thought to myself  why should I care what other people think of me? If I want to wear a bikini I bloody well will. I still wanted to wear something that would cover up my tummy area as that is what I am self conscious of the most. I took inspiration from Gabi Fresh in her high waisted two piece from the above pictures. I was then perusing through the lovely Bethany of  the Arched Eyebrow blog and came across her here looking amazing in a high waisted set from Elomi Lingerie.

I decided to just purchase the high waisted swimming bottoms from Elomi and then mix and match with  bikini tops to get some more added variety. So here it is my very own version of the 'Fatkini'
 photo 422197_10152056917730571_978398937_n.jpg

 photo 538937_10152056923010571_1998484467_n.jpg

I have to admit I felt great when I was on holiday I didn't really have a care in the world.  I was after all in paradise in the Caribbean. I didn't for once think of how disgusting I looked in a bikini. Dan always tells me how beautiful I am and for once I kind of felt it. I was enjoying my time away, the peace and tranquillity of the island and finally enjoying being comfortable in my own skin.

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