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Friday, 30 November 2012

Health at every size.

I wanted to share something a little different with you in this post. When I first started writing this blog I spoke about my struggles with dieting over the years and writing in this space here finally helped me to get on the road to obtaining body confidence. I was still positive that I wanted to maintain a healthy diet, even after ditching the diets not because the media tells me I should, but because I want to. I have learnt first hand that bad diet and no exercise can be harmful to SOME people. I say some because this  personal to me. This last week I have discovered I have an inflamed Gall Bladder, which could possibly be Gall Stones (waiting on a scan for results) I have been pretty sicky this last year and was unable to identify what the problem was, when I was finally diagnosed and researched into my illness I was pretty shocked to say the least.

Basically my years of yo yo dieting had caught up on me. Gall Bladder problems are usually, but not always synonymous of women who have lost dramatic amounts of weight too fast, laxative abusers and people who eat high contents of fattening food, I am ashamed to admit I meet these criteria's. It doesn't mean that if you are fat you will get this. Not at all. There a number of people who are slim who also have this problem. The Gall Bladder job is to help break down fat and does not discriminate by size or gender men also suffer with this. However my GP discussed with me that yes me being over weight and a yo yo dieter would have had something to do with my illness. I then realised something, what they always say is really true. The body is your temple, you must treat it with the love and respect it deserves to give it the nutrients  it needs in order to keep going and that I have neglected to do for a long time.

 The aim for me used to be to get thin, but after being welcomed into a community by other plus size bloggers I soon realised that loving yourself is the most important thing. It is also about personal ownership of your body. Other people don't get to tell me how to live your life you do. This is my body and I am starting to love it. I want to really love it by giving it the goodness that it requires, so in realising that I vowed to myself I would make more of a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg and do a little more exercise. To stop these ridiculous diets and these weight loss teas that have played a part in making me ill. There was a point to this point some where, I promise, so because of this I have made avid steps to change my lifestyle I will not persecute myself for eating fattening food, it will not become a reward for being healthy I will have what I want when I want but in moderation. I will start eating organic or non pesticide foods which is really where I was going with this post.

Below is an image of a delicious veg box that I ordered through the internet. As I live in London I found a local business that delivers to my area fresh harvested fruit, veg , meat and eggs to my door. They are called The 'Kent Veg Box' company and they are great. They currently have a three week trial running at 50% off and I urge you all to give them a go! You can find their website here.

With the veg above I was able to make a delicious cottage pie recipe from the Knorrs website here it was really lovely and by omitting some things such as oil and butter I was able to make this in a healthier way.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope it wasn't too heavy and deep for a friday

Callie x


  1. Great post Callie, I had to have my gallbladder removed over 2 years ago now because of the same reasons, dramatic weightloss, yoyo dieting and general abuse of my body and just like you I have realised that the constant pursuit of skinny is abusive, a good balance of food and activity is all I need to maintain a healthy happy body, no matter what size I may be. The veg box looks lush x x

  2. Hello honeyy!! sorry for no comment!!!! I love the title and the new design of your page!!!
    kisses and hugs muaaac

  3. Hey Callie! my mum was diagnosed with gall stones at the beginning of the year and just had them surgically removed a few weeks ago so I totally get what your on about with the change. My whole family made a conscious decision to do the same two years ago and when my mum was diagnosed this year she really buckled down and controlled her symptoms and pain strictly by diet alone and even started a veggie garden with my dad and doctors said the removal was just a technicality, lol. so go the home grown/organic fruit & veg!! Good luck with the changes your time passes its worth grows and grows!! :)

  4. Great post Callie! I remember a few months ago when I was having a blood test, my Dr also warned me of the dangers of gallstones etc in relation to my weight and it's scared me ever since. I really hope you don't develop them!

    I've always wanted to be at the place where I can just accept my size and take full length photos of myself etc but I've never been able to - I guess because I'm not at the point where I can say I love myself yet,but it inspires me to see guys like you and Gabi and Marfmellow etc accepting and loving yourselves and it motivates me to continue my journey in the hopes of loving myself too. You're an inspiration!

  5. Cristina Venus Sasso9 April 2015 at 07:17

    i love what you said about loving yourself being the most important thing. I have been up and down in weight since I can remember. WhenI start to feel like I'm not good enough, my food gets worse!