My Holiday in Barbados. Welcome to Paradise.

It feels so weird to be blogging after being away for over two weeks. It was absolute bliss to have a break from London and from work, and I can safely say that I spent the last two weeks in ultimate paradise. If you are thinking of going away somewhere special I would 100% recommend Barbados. With blue skies, turquoise seas and dusty white sand it is the perfect place to relax. As I am back to normality I thought I would share with you a little slice of heaven with pictures of my holiday. Enjoy!

This was Dover beach it was around a 5 minute walk from my hotel. The water was so clear and the sand was so white it was breathtakingly beautiful
Is this not just like a post card picture. Sooo beautiful. photo 402961_10152056912650571_112963763_n.jpg

 The boy and I on Accra beach!
 photo 576996_10152056917995571_520829343_n.jpg

 I love this picture of Dan such a candid shot <3 
I love this picture so much. photo 561703_10152056919100571_1240887858_n.jpg

This was the local cuisine of Barbados. Flying fish and Macaroni pie. It was amazing Flying Fish is delicious if you ever get a chance, try it! 
Oistins. photo 205967_10152056930660571_1927944167_n.jpg

 With music, fresh sea food and fish cooked on a BBQ and dancing Oistins is the place to be on a Friday!
 photo 531089_10152056931275571_1273174737_n.jpg

I think this may be my most favorite picture ever. This photo was taken by a beautiful cove along St Lawrence Gap the area we stayed in. 
 photo 260575_10152058545890571_228201177_n.jpg

Get ready for some PDA.
 photo 293373_10152056934100571_1135168273_n.jpg

I had to share this picture! As it was Dan's birthday on our last night in Barbados we went to a very fancy restaurant called Pisces which over looked the ocean it was unreal how stunning it was, the food was divine. This was Dan's main course: 10oz Rib Eye Steak peppercorn sauce, plantain and home made onion rings. 
10 OZ Rib Eye, mash potato, home made onion rings, plantain and pepper corn sauce! photo 526994_10152058622240571_1171812062_n.jpgBirthday Dinner at Pisces seafood restaurant over looking the ocean. photo 196715_10152058622000571_587327142_n.jpg

I know this is a picture heavy post so I have left a few outfit pictures out. I will make another post for that as well as one of me in my very own Fatkini! I really can't believe how happy and content I felt on holiday in my bathing suits and bikini's. I didn't think about my weight once, I never thought 'You look fat today' I just enjoyed spending time with Dan eating, drinking and being happy.