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Main pic

Saturday, 21 July 2012

OOTD. My first ever one.

So this is my first time posting an outfit. I literally bought the clothes in this outfit months ago but always felt like I looked to big in them. I opted to play it safe in my black leggings and black top like some sort of ninja.
Well ladies and gents I present to you my first ever OOTD with actual colour!

Please excuse the pose.


  1. I'd wear this whole thing, I love it. I've been trying to find myself a black skirt that isn't a tube skirt and this just makes me want one more :(
    The shoes are lush x

  2. Thanks Lisa! My skirt is from primark! I think it was only £10 but I find it flatters me more than tube skirts! x x

  3. Oh and my shoes were a steal!! £7 in the sale from a cheap shoe shop!! x

  4. I'm so proud to call you my girlfriend, you look beautiful! ;) X

  5. Hello Callie thank you for follow my blog. Definitely I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! is amazing!!! I follow you right now. You are so beautiful and I love your style. Always I visit great fashion blogs but that blogs are for thin people and I am a plus size. Thank you for create this blog and for be as you are.
    Sorry for my English Maybe you won't understand some sencentes. sorry
    kisses and hugs

  6. Gorgeous girl, truly gorgeous! x

  7. Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my blog :) Yours is lovely too! You've such fab style - I'm in love with these shoes, they're beautiful and such a striking colour!



  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love your style and those wedges are SO beautiful! xx

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