Friday Favorites

In the spirit of summer and seen as many people will be jetting off on their holiday's (including myself) I thought I would post some of my favourite holiday buys.

      Isis Aubergine High Waist Brief

As a curvy girl myself I am loving the high waist 2 piece bikini . It is very flattering and looks lovely on, I know because I got one! For £38 you could get the briefs and if you are on a budget and can't afford the bikini top you could match it up with your own for cheaper. You can find this here on the Elomi website. 

I was lucky to have a Kindle for my birthday. At first I was a bit anti-E readers as I love the feel of a good book, but since having one I have to admit it is fabulous! I use it every day and there are lots of free or low priced books available to download. This is great for holiday as if you are like me and love reading by the pool or the beach you can read as many books as you like without weighing down your suitcase! It also reads just like paper so you don't get the glare you would on something like an iPad. You can get one from Amazon for just £89.

                                                                   FLOPPY SUN HAT IN 3 COLOURS

I just LOVE the floppy beach hat look. Perfect to add a bit of glamour to sitting around the pool as well as protecting your head from intensive heat. It's a win win for me! This floppy hat is £20 on ASOS Marketplace

Is there anything that you cannot go on holiday without?!