A bit of self worth.

 This weekend I have been feeling lots of mixed emotions about this whole process of my weight loss journey. I sometimes wish that I was just happy and content enough to give up the yo-yo dieting and be happy with my body. I was dilly daddling around on the daily mail website (which I would like to add is generally trash) when I came across an article about plus size bloggers. Written and featuring a blogger called Lesley Kinzel. Although I do not agree with everything she writes I do think it is refreshing to read someone who tries to remove the negative connotations of the word 'Fat' the link for the article can be found here.

As I was browsing I also came across the magazine VOLUP2
  The magazine is beautifully presented and artistically challenging. I was engrossed from the start. It challenged my perceptions of curvy women and made me realise that I shouldn't focus on looking at how other girls look but focus on looking at what I want with my body and my health. This journey isn't about me being skinny it is about me being healthy and I often blur the lines between the two.

Some of the models in the magazine were breathtaking and exuded confidence and I only wish I had the confidence to wear clothes in current fashion. Some may argue that only women of a certain size can pull of high couture fashion but I believe it is how you feel that makes an outfit.

So drawing in my point yesterday I lose 2.5 pounds at my weigh in, but to be honest I didn't leave feeling all that great, I was wishing that I had lost more weight so I will feel and look better for  Barbados when really I should have been positive and happy that I am one more step away from my target.
So from today I am going to try and be more happy about me, about improving my confidence and self image and over all loving myself over loving wanting to be slim.

I know that it will not be easy but preservation is the key! Wish me luck...