Exercise at any size.

I don't know about you but the idea of being in a gym surrounded by slim and slender exercise lovers in their skin tight lycra really put me off but I knew in order to be as healthy as I can I had to start doing some form of exercise. I first started off by swimming and this is what I am going to talk about today. 

Swimming is one of the best exercise anyone could do, according to an article I read here in the The Independent It is a wonder exercise.

I would have to agree, I always feel much better after a really nice long swim. I guess you can just switch off and just be with your thoughts which is actually very relaxing. Before my knee injury I was swimming at least once a week but I was beginning to get bored of the monotony of it. I began to think "Wouldn't it be good if I could listen to music as well as swim?" Turns out you can! I googled under water mp3 player and I was surprised to find there is actually a wide range of products available of under water music devises.
When Dan asked me what I wanted for my birthday that was top of my list and I was a very lucky girl when I got it for my birthday in march.

Yesterday was my first time trying the product out, so I thought I would review it for anyone that likes swimming and would like to purchase something to help them with endurance.

Above is the picture of the Speedo Aqua Beat


Any where between £45-60 (Dan got mine from Amazon)

Ease of use: 
The MP3 itself is very easy to use, it is literally a drop and drag process. It takes minute to put the music on which is great.

Sound QualityThe sound quality can vary if I am honest, when I first got in the pool I was very happy, the sound was loud and clear, after a few laps the sound did become a little bit quiet and echoey but with some adjustment it could be fixed.


It can be annoying when water moves the ear phones and causes the music to go quiet every now and then as it disrupts your swimming flow. 
My ear was a little sore after but that may have been because I was fiddling around with it so much
There is no shuffle option.
When it isn't causing any problems it is great to help with endurance, before I knew it I had swam for 45 minutes
Having music is really enjoyable it also blocks out other noise from the pool.
Easy to use. Just a simple button press for on and off and easy music transfers.
Overall I would say it is a great product. There could be some improvement but for £50 I think it does a pretty good job in helping me get over my boredom.