Jamie Oliver's Empire Chicken

Finding inspiration in others...

Today I was re-reading some of the nice comments that were said to me about my blog. Many of the comments talked about being inspired and this made me really think about the idea of inspiration. The dictionary definition of Inspiration is;

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: flashes of inspiration".

I often feel inspired to cook when I see others cooking. I am a massive ‘Foodie’ and I could easily spend hours upon hours watching the food channel. I love everything Nigella and I often think why the hell I can’t just look like her?

Well that’s not going to happen any time soon so I guess I will have to settle for looking like me! Getting back to what I was saying today about inspiration. I would like to post a fellow ‘Slimming Worlder’ and friend’s food. I think the first place I gained inspiration was at my weigh in group. Or as I sometimes like to call it Fat Fighters!

There are people from all walks of life at my group and I get a little inspiration for each and every single person.  I get hugs and encouragement from a lovely lady Sharon in my group who has lost close to 5stone in weight. Jackie has inspired me to continue and not quit slimming world as she has also suffered a leg injury. Lise is always there cracking the jokes and cheering everyone up reminding us all, that we are all human. There are so many more to list but I'm sure you will read about them later in my blogs.

It is actually a recipe by Lise that I have decided to post today as her food looks completely divine, but not only for that reason. I am also posting it as Lise inspires me to not be so lazy. With two children (another on the way) a husband and a director of her own business Lise still manages to cook such fabulous looking food. As do many of the other in the group. It just goes to show if you really want to you can find time to make healthy and delicious food.

So below is Lise's version of Jamie Oliver's 'Empire Roast Chicken'

Above is the link for  Jamies Recipe. However as we are on slimming world we have made some adaptions.
For example instead of using Olive Oil we substitute with Olive Oil fry light and  remove all skin (This hold a lot of fat!). We also omit any butter that is used or syn it. I would also swap the natural yogurt for a fat free yogurt. Everything else would be fine to use on Slimming World and is a perfect adaption to a Sunday roast. It is full of flavour and colour and that is the things I look for in my meals. None of this boring brown rice business. Bore off. 

Any way thank you for taking  the time to read my blog again. I thought it would be refreshing to post someone else's ideas. I hope to share many more of my lovely slimming world groups recipes. If you would like me to post a recipe of interest please feel free to message me on my Facebook or follow my twitter @_calliefornia_ . Again many thanks for reading.

Happy Monday!

Callie x x x