Sunday, 27 July 2014

Delightful Dinners.

I made a promise to myself when we moved house to make more of a conscious effort to cook more. So often in the old flat we would opt out of cooking in favour of a meal out because we were too lazy to cook and as you can imagine, it began to add up. Cooking is something I have always loved doing so I wanted to reignite my passion by trying some new recipes instead of the same old boring meals. The last couple of weeks I made something new every day, be it for lunch or for dinner mostly using Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals recipes as guidance. I thought I would share with you what I made to hopefully inspire you to try something new and spice up your dinners.
So tell me, which one looks the tastiest?

 photo IMG_5837_zpsefc1b4f3.jpg  photo IMG_5673_zps7bfd24e9.jpg  photo IMG_5656_zps84823645.jpg  photo IMG_5698_zpsab1d7a2f.jpg  photo IMG_5827_zps59e0d276.jpg
 photo Delishdinners_zps35143122.jpg

Friday, 25 July 2014


Last weekend I found myself on a little weekend trip to Manchester with my lovely bestie Danie doing something really exciting with Simply Be. I can't delve into what exactly just yet, but I promise you guys are in for a treat! On Friday evening the Simply Be PR girls spoilt Danie and I to a fancy dinner and cocktails, we had pre-booked for Neighborhood restaurant which I had heard was meant to be incredible, turns out it was just that (blog post to come soon) I was torn with what to wear for the evening and was debating throwing on a jumpsuit but then I spotted this absolutely drop dead gorgeous Tropical Print Body Con from AX Paris I fell in love with it immediately and decided that I needed it. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but in my opinion AX Paris plus sizing can be bit of a mess depending on certain items of clothing. I sized up to a 26 in this dress and I am (in most places) a size 22 or smaller so be aware of that if you decide to order. This was a good fit for me as I had a little room as well as to not be uncomfortable, just note it is a body skimming fit so if you are uncomfortable with showing your tummy make sure you wear some good shape wear as I find this really helps. I had the most perfect weekend took lots of pictures, ate lots of yummy food and laughed a lot. This weekend most certainly wont be as fabulous as last (unless you call paint covered leggings and tees glam) but I am looking forward to finally finishing my flat so wish me luck!
 photo 03f4d179-5f94-40f5-b557-d2e81fed1008_zps4f984ec3.jpg  photo FA4755A2-CE97-415C-9C76-28D50428CAA9_zpsdo3jrtbi.jpg  photo 3451D391-6B2B-41B6-8771-F6408F331F21_zpsrcuyjtma.jpg  photo 1AA84A5B-5D49-4E90-86B4-83600E98E00C_zpsmep1izfc.jpg  photo AA9A1C88-B062-43D7-8FFD-66B2DF447FB0_zpsyw2vw3hp.jpg

What I'm wearing.

AX Paris Tropical Print body Con - Simply Be
Black Platform Shoes (wide fit) - New Look
Gold and Black Clutch - Simply Be


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Curvy Kate Blog Party

Everyone knows how much I love Curvy Kate, I have made it no secret over the years that it is my go to place for amazing bras that actually fit. Not only do I love the lingerie I love the general ethos of the brand. If you didn't know, Curvy Kate have a competition every year called 'Star in a Bra' where girls from all over can apply to model for the brand. I love that CK uses non models for their campaigns as they show that women of all sizes and shapes can look incredible in good lingerie. Curvy Kate was actually the first ever blog events I went to and this one was my third and perhaps my favorite! Not only did I get to see some of the new A/W collection on some absolute mega babes in their pants but, we ended the night with an impromptu dance off to Beyonce Drunk in Love (I'll leave that to your imagination). I love those Curvy Kate girls so much and I'm sure you will too after seeing these photos. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night, leave me a comment and tell me which one caught your eye.

 photo 01-DSC_0489_zps759c79b1.jpg  photo 02-DSC_0490_zpsb6c77726.jpg  photo 03-DSC_0493_zps6372db1d.jpg  photo 04-DSC_0494_zps91295a07.jpg

Monday, 21 July 2014


I am wearing thin on catchy blog post titles these days, do forgive me, but I thought I would share with you one of my really casual summer outfits. When I can't really be bothered with dressing up I always go for a trainer, skirt and tee look, you may have seen a similar look else where on the blog in fact. I have no problem with recycling outfits and I'm here to tell you, neither should you! To post only brand new items on here would be false of me as I pretty much always re-wear my clothing items. I don't have the money or space to do that so I like to rework what I already have. I got this polka dot skirt from ASDA for £8 in the sale a few months back and it is a print that I feel goes with lots of colours. The denim tunic top I am wearing is New Look inspire and is so cool and light, I wore mine tucked into the skirt but when un-tucked it's actually a nice length to wear as a dress over tights or leggings. My only qualm would be the arms, I wish that they were more a t-shirt style sleeve then how they currently sit on the upper arm. When I'm looking for a really casual easy look I always wear my Nike Blazers or Airmax they are just so comfy and easy to throw on and they can really transform an outfit.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Love yourself.

One of my current favourite plus size brands is Boohoo Plus, I like simplicity and they provide that with a lot of easy wear jersey items. When I went to the Boohoo launch way back in March I was kindly sent an item of my choice and I went for this long sleeved  black playsuit. I know its pretty plain but I like that, sometimes I don't want to wear anything fussy especially if I am knocking about the house at the weekend. I paired this with my high tops (which seems to be my shoe of choice these days) and I tried a new hair style out. I wanted to have a go of wearing the vintage scarf that I picked up in flea shop in Turkey last year. I don't know if I am wearing it correctly but hey ho I gave it a go. The tiny necklace I am wearing is actually really special to me, its another Anna Lou of London piece and it is engraved with the words 'Love Yourself' I chose these words because I really believe in the power of self love, especially when at some point in life we question our self worth. Even when I was editing these pictures I kept honing in on my legs looking chunky and and the fact that you could see the slight outline of my tummy, it was only when I looked at the little heart on my chest that I decided to give myself a good talking to. My tummy is fine, my legs are fine. At least I have legs some people aren't so lucky, so what if I have a few blemishes, who really cares nothing and nobody is perfect in life and that is just fine. 

 photo 6-DSC_0382-001_zps31148640.jpg  photo 1417dd2e-7a1d-4c0b-b918-19a338f1a2f6_zps2cffab2d.jpg  photo 4-DSC_0396-001_zps51277e9d.jpg

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Underground Cookery School.

Okay I feel so so bad guys, I mentioned in previous posts that I have been a little overwhelmed with finding time for blogging whilst trying to balance my life and job. I have been meaning to get this particular post up  for weeks now because it was most likely one of the best and most fun blog events I have ever been to. You all know how much I love cooking so being invited to The Underground Cookery School was super exciting for me, not only did I get to meet a bunch of lovely blogger babes but I also scrubbed up on my cooking skills. The event comprised of learning to fillet a whole sea bass and prep a chicken plus make a delicious meringue roulade all of which would make the three course meal that we would eat. As you can imagine cutting up fish and chicken isn't very glam but it was so interesting to learn how to effectively butcher meat, I was rather impressed with my cooking skills throughout the evening, I even managed to roll a meringue roulade without breaking it. Just call me Nigella. After finishing the prep the lovely and might I add hilarious chefs created the most delicious three course meal and sitting around the table getting to know the other bloggers was just so cool,  I love that as a collective we share an interest in blogging yet we all have different stories and interests. Such a good evening full of smiles and ridiculously good food. The Underground Cookery School ticks all the boxes for me as a great event to do with friends or for a hen party or birthday its such a fun experience being in a kitchen making really yummy fresh food. For more details head over to the Cookery Schools website and see how you can get involved, I promise you won't regret it.

 photo 1D7D079B-AD9A-486F-AB56-D87000640B0B_zpsyize9cxv.jpg  photo BD047096-2A98-44E2-BA93-18A9F69BBDAA_zpssmf2i8ub.jpg  photo 0F1871BB-7134-4FC0-A7B4-84B47BC20CF2_zpswuesdd1s.jpg

Not bad knife skills aye, I was rather impressed with my fillet of Sea Bass.

 photo 4CF94DF5-A095-4510-B2AF-71436AF5C448_zpsvms5dpwc.jpg  photo 8151C73E-DFA9-4FDA-9CE6-9CA004102FEE_zpsdma8asij.jpg

Starter was pan fried Sea Bass, minted Pea, and Asparagus.

 photo 9B427F12-6508-4FA9-A33C-C5186D27549C_zpsycws1dln.jpg

Main was Roast Chicken, Salsa Verde, Broad beans and New Potatoes YUM

 photo 2B873908-AC01-47AE-8B95-1A42B46F179E_zpspakwejzv.jpg

and dessert... well I ate it before I had chance to snap a pic. It was that good.