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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

#IamMe awards - Who Inspires you?

First of all, hello beautiful friends, I have been away for so long I miss talking to you all. I hope you can forgive my absence, if you didn't notice I had this little thing called a wedding to organise this year as well as a number of huge projects I was part of one of those being the Evans #IamMe campaign. Back in march I flew out to New York to model with some incredibly inspiring women from all over the world and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Well #IamMe is back and this time you could get the chance to be part of it!  Evans, on the 21st of September will be hosting an awards ceremony in partnership with Marie Claire and Garnier and yours truly will be presenting an award as your Marie Claire columnist.

 So here's how it all works...

There are four awards you can nominate yourself or someone else in; #IamStyle, #IamActive #IamBeauty and finally #IamInspiring you can nominate friends, your mum, sister, aunt maybe even a  colleague or a stranger that you feel really deserves some recognition and a treat. The lucky four winners will win the following goodies

I am Inspiring 

I thought I would kick this off by telling you who I will be nominating for the #IamInspiring award:
This person I feel is a huge inspiration to women all over, she is incredibly talented, friendly and funny. She is, I believe one of Britain's national treasures and that is Sharon Rooney. Star of the award winning My Mad Fat diaries Sharon is an incredibly talented actress that I am sure has helped to inspire many young girls to go after their dreams. She has broken all stereotypes about acting and having to look a certain way to be successful. Not to mention she is beautiful! So there you have it my nomination goes to you Sharon, for little girls everywhere that were comforted by watching My Mad Fat diary and from one friend to another I think you are wonderful.

I hope you will all follow suit and nominate someone that inspires you, someone you think deserves some recognition and a time to shine remember this doesn't have to be a celebrity or a blogger anyone you feel deserves it can be nominated. Keep sharing the love guys we all need more of it in our lives.
To enter the I am Me awards follow this link and make someones day.

Love you all.

*This post was sponsored by Evans all views are my own! 

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Monday, 18 July 2016

We found our dream photo booth - The Flash Pack

Oh hi, its me, I know it has been a very, very long time since we last spoke but I have been planning that little ol' event I have coming up - my wedding!
Can you believe it is in three weeks, THREE WEEKS. Am I prepared? No, but thankfully regardless of that I am so, so excited. For the most part I feel like I have the vital things organised, the venue, the food, the photographer oh and the groom so I guess I am pretty good to go. Perhaps one of the things I am most excited about for our wedding is our amazing photo booth. You know how much I love a photo, especially in a booth, so it was really important to find something cool and modern for the day and we bloody well did. If you have ever been to Berlin you will know about the amazing Photo-Automats that you will find all across the city, you pay a couple of Euros and get your very own original style strip photo. I searched high and low for something like this as Dan and I loved this when we went and when I stumbled upon The Flash Pack I knew I had found the one.

<img src="callie and dan.jpg" alt="the flash pack retro booth" title="the flash pack"

<img src="callie and dan.jpg" alt="the flash pack retro booth" title="the flash pack"

There are a ton of photo booths out there but so many did not fit in with the modern style wedding we were after, the Berlin-style enclosed Retro booth , felt unique and very us so we booked it. Not only did we book the booth but we also made it a GIF booth, that's right our wedding will be GIFS that will live on forever!

<img src="retro booth event.jpg" alt="the flash pack retro booth" title="the flash pack"

Just a couple of weeks ago Dan and I went to the Flash Pack's office in South East London to meet the team and have a cheeky prep photo shoot with all the incredible custom props that we will have on our day. As you can see we were in our element, especially with the fruit themed props. With all of the Flash Pack's booths you can interchange your backdrops, but we have decided on just plain white, to keep it simple and clean. We have also opted for the strip prints to keep it as close to a traditional booth as possible but again you have a number of print styles to choose from which makes customising what you want so easy. It has been really great to work with a company that is so professional yet so cool and young and understands exactly what we want for our wedding. The delivery and set up is all handled by the team themselves leaving me stress and worry free. Honestly, I could not recommend these guys more and we haven't even had the wedding yet! So if you are looking for something a little more cool and different for your wedding then you absolutely must check out The Flash Pack. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and freak out some more about how many things I still have to do. 

Follow The Flash Pack on their social channels below and make sure to check out all their amazing booths!

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Self Care

 photo 87A4239B-C9A2-4F9A-BDC3-51FA7ABA6209_zpsbhu0onuz.jpg
Being busy is something most, if not all of us can relate to. With the way life works these days we spend so much time on the go that we wear ourselves out, we say yes to everything because we are afraid to say no. We are tired because are working till late at night, or not giving ourselves enough time to shut off. Working 9-5, seeing friends, having hobbies, spending time with loved ones, doing the chores, these are all things that we squeeze in to try and live well rounded and full lives. 
But what about taking time for you? After a while, work work work work work (said in Rihanna voice) and no rest can have a negative impact on us. This has certainly been the case for me lately, all of the above plus wedding planning has really affected my health, I feel constantly stressed and anxious with balancing everything that is happening in my life. I haven't been to the gym since before New York and my routine, well there is no routine and for me that is havoc on my body and my mental health. Because of this I have decided to get myself together and find time for me. Find time to go to the gym, find time to read my book, find time to meditate. Here are a few things I am doing that you can also try if you too feel this way. 

 Practice Sleep hygiene 

Sleep is so important when it comes to health, especially when it comes to mine. Four years ago I was diagnosed with slow wave arousal disorder a type of sleep disorder that ranges from me having intense nightmares, panic attacks sleep talking and walking. Anxiety plays a massive part in making this worse so meditating or using a sleep app can really help with me getting off to a deep sleep. This week I am going to try and get into bed after 9pm yes I know that might seem a tad early but it can take me a while to shut my mind down and sometimes relaxing in bed or reading a book can really help to get a good nights restful sleep. Keeping the space in your room clear has also been said to hugely help with sleep patterns, clear space equals clear mind so I will be working on keeping my bedroom tidy and clean.

 photo 52C7FD07-08D3-430A-9D9B-07B6D3461558_zpspxt3jovl.jpg


Honestly, the gym isn't my favorite place, sometimes it is a real struggle to get the motivation to go and to form a routine feels damn near impossible. However I have finally come to realise that exercise does not have to be just about the gym, before my accident on the tube Curry's sent me out the new Fitbit Blaze to try out and so far I am pretty much loving it. I had heard lots about the Fitbit but I thought they were just little bands that you wear on your wrists. The blaze is a new pimped up version with a snazzy screen and is a bit like a smart watch and fitness tracker all rolled into one. It is incredibly accurate in tracking steps, calories, active time and resting heart rate. I have been working on getting over 10000 steps a day and so far so good. One of the really good features I loved about it, was the fact you could also monitor sleep pattern and quality of sleep helping to work out when you are most restful, when you wake through the night and what time you naturally wake in the morning. It works perfectly to help me track whether my sleep hygiene practices are actually working. You can link it all up to your phone and if you have an iPhone it links with the health app there so everything is all together for you to track. All in all I am dead impressed with it.  

 photo 1-DSC02593_zpsk4o4dya9.jpg
 photo 3-DSC_1666_zpsti8sbcl6.jpg


Many people talk about the benefits of meditation in modern life and finding the ability to truly switch off having a huge impact on our health. This is something I really want to implement into my life, specifically in the evening before bed when I need my mind to start to shut down. As an anxiety sufferer I think this will be incredibly beneficial to my mental health as I personally know that breathing techniques help with my anxiety a lot. I am currently trying out the app Headspace, which starts as free 10 day course but charges following the completion, depending on how I get on I may choose to pay the £9.99 a month fee, or if you have any recommendations for free meditation apps leave them below in the comments. I also find colouring in to be so great for relaxing and shutting down, my phone goes away and I sit quietly with pens and  book to colour away my stresses. 

Eating Well

The concept of clean eating is not something I am on board with, to me calling certain foods clean suggests other are dirty and I personally do not agree with adding this guilt complex to food. However I do know how good I feel when I have routine, and balance in my diet. When I am drinking lots of water and eating a ton of veg I feel great. Depriving myself of food that I enjoy is not going to happen but I will be making a more conscious effort to eat to feel good. I love cooking so expect some recipes from me here on the blog.

 photo A0271F61-27C5-4C1A-ACD7-473A0D224FAF_zpsisebca9k.jpg

That's it for my action plans for self care... with a two month countdown to my wedding now more than ever I need to look after myself and manage the balancing act of my job, blog, column and wedding planning. I feel ready and excited to start sleeping better, reading again more, meditating and even taking up yoga. What are your favorite things to do to take care of yourself? 
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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Go-To Skincare

With my wedding around the corner I have been trying a number of different products to try and get my skin looking perfect. Oil's, Serums, exfoliaters, you name it and I am trying it. This week I am talking you through a great skincare brand called Go-To, created by ex beauty editoir Zoe Foster Blake this  Australian skin care brand is designed to be natural, cruelty free and kind to skin. This brand has been promoted in Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, Cosmopolitan, and Elle and it seems they all like it as much as me. On top of being a huge fan of the pretty packaging and the approachable joke-y write ups there is a lot of positives with this brand. Read below my run through of the products

1. Properly Clean - Foaming Cleanser

Unlike most foam cleansers this left my skin feeling soft rather than tight, with products such as Willow Bark Extract (a natural forming salicylic acid) helping to cleanse you are left with a smooth yet clean and hydrated skin. Was it the best foam cleanser I have used, not really but it certainly is better than the majority of drugstore products I have tried.

2. Very Useful Face Cream

Aside of the fact that it smells great, this moistiuriser is really light for an application in the morning and does the trick in terms of providing a light weight UV protecting, free radical bashing product. Ingredients include 'Water, shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, amla berry extract, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, avocado oil, sunflower oil, mango butter, beeswax, coenzyme Q10, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, natural fragrance (fig and oriental rose).' The alma berry being the star of the show in this moisturiser as it contains 30x more antioxidants than oranges. I have been using just in the morning with my other skincare products and found it a real life saver on holiday when my skin was exposed to the sun.

3. Exceptionoil 

This was slathered all over me when I returned from my holiday in Portugal and it legitimately saved me from peeling like an orange from my dry sun burnt skin. It smells amazing, it feels amazing and it really works. Containing 'Monoi de tahiti 50% (coconut oil, gardenia tahitensis flower extract, mixed tocopherol), sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, jojoba butter, mango butter, beeswax, shea butter'  and much more its all natural and really is as exceptional as they say. 

4. Exfoliating Swipeys

These are similar to the Pixi wipes except that they smell much nicer. I'm not sure I am 100% sold on these compared to the Pixi wipes (that contain a higher percentage of acid in the pads) but again for a skincare which contains entirely natural products it does still make my skin feel and look good. 

5. Lips! 

This lip balm is now virtually empty after my continuous use of this product and boy are my lips thankful for it. It was so good for my flight to the US where usually my lips take a bashing with the dry air. Again made with lots of delicious natural oils it keeps them soft and supple and also provides a lovely natural shine. 

6. Face Hero

Much like the exceptional oil the great smell is certainly a pro of the product. Using only in the evenings underneath a moisturiser I am honestly impressed with how plump my skin feels the following morning after using this product. Is it a hero product? I would say for its price range it really is.

All in all I would give top marks for this range of skincare, and I will continue to use this up until the wedding. Do you have any recommendations for me to try? If so leave me a comment below!

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