Monday, 14 April 2014

The Rum Kitchen Carnaby Street

I have really gotten back into my foodie reviews lately mainly because it's something I very much enjoy, London is just full of interesting and cool places to eat and there is something for everyone taste especially as more and more people are getting adventurous with cuisine. I personally get bored of the standard American style restaurant, as much I enjoy them I would always pick something with a little more pizzazz. In comes the Rum Kitchen. I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago for my friends Birthday and I thought I would report back.

The menu all though small has a varied amount of Caribbean dishes including 'Mutton Curry', Jerk Dishes, Burgers, and Salads. The decor of the restaurant is wonderful, it's very chilled with coloured lights, wood features and simplistic designs.
 photo 3223D3C0-EBBC-479D-8996-7081C6454CDF_zpsm63uavlb.jpg

 photo 6F1834F4-BFDF-4383-9AB6-1FD5B5415DC9_zps97heweaw.jpg


For starters Dan and I went for Salt Fish Fritters and Jerk Wings (sorry forgot to snap both.) The wings were nice, well cooked and tasty. They were fairly spicy so if you are not a fan of heat I wouldn't recommend this. To be honest I can't say the wings were out of this world but they certainly were well seasoned and not over cooked.

I'll let you into a secret, pretty much where ever we go Dan orders a burger, he just loves them, he's tried burgers all over the place including Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. He is also a big fan of Caribbean food, which I often cook for us. Since our holiday in Barbados two years ago his love for it has certainly increased. As you can imagine he was in food heaven with this meal, I had a little taste and the Chicken was succulent and flavorsome it seemed they have used some kind of buttermilk coating but obviously with Jerk Seasoning to make this dish and Dan was impressed. He ate the whole thing with no complaints and said major thumbs up for the garlic scotch bonnet mayo!

 photo 7B9AF1C9-C0E7-4D2A-BC5C-FEE90910C41E_zpslcf2zcac.jpg

For my main I chose the Jerk Chicken Supreme, I was umming and ahhing between this and the Mutton Curry but decided in favour of the Supreme as recommended by the waitress. It was a good shout! The Chicken was perfect as was the creamy sweet potato and Yam mash that accompanied it. The sauce although spicy really complimented the sweetness of the mash, urgh it was really good.

 photo 8C53431E-23CF-49D0-BE10-AC99A666ACE6_zpsr2oc9jks.jpg

Overall Opinion

If I had to give this a rating I would go with a 7 out of 10. The cocktails (which I also forgot to snap) were lovely and around the £8 mark which is fairly standard price. Starters were between £4.50-£7.50, Mains £8.50-£13.50 The decor was really inviting and made me feel like I was eating in some cool little rum shack in the Caribbean. Having grown up eating Caribbean food (my Sister is Half Jamaican) I couldn't say the food is as authentic as some Caribbean food I have tried but I don't think the Rum Kitchen claims to be that they clearly added modern twists to the cuisine and it does work! I would absolutely recommend anyone to try this restaurant if in London. There are two Branches, one in Notting Hill and one in Carnaby street be sure to check them out!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Day in My Life with MYNT.

Since starting my blog nearly two years ago my life has changed so drastically, before I started writing From the corners of the Curve my main career was (and technically still is) my administration position for a University based in London. However since the blog has gained more readership and I have received wonderful opportunities it has manifested from a hobby to a second job and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes life is a little more hectic, but for the better. Some evenings after my 9-5 I am lucky enough to attend events, weekends I can be reviewing a restaurant, visiting parks, markets or seeing friends and writing up my posts. Even though I am busier than ever, I am the most happy I have ever been. So today I am going to show you a 'typical day' of my life through some outfits from MYNT.  This is a brand I only recently got to know through their fabulous collaboration with some of my favourite bloggers Nicolette, Franceta, Nadia, Alison and Kellie who each designed their own jacket for the brand. I love all the pieces I am wearing as they are versatile, comfy and monochrome which we all know I am a big fan of.

First look up is a casual Boyfriend Jean and Asymmetrical Blazer. I love how simple yet stylish this look is, to be honest I am normally a Blazer hater, however as my style has evolved I am starting to love the polished professional look a Blazer can create. If I happen to need to visit a brand head office or have a meeting at work I think a Blazer really looks smart whilst the jeans add that causal edge. In this look I am grabbing a quick lunch break, I often catch up with my emails on my iPad in the park near work and if it's sunny like it was this week I get to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine, a girl needs her Vitamin D you know. 

 photo 02-DSC_0528_zps8482a115.jpg  photo 03-DSC_0519_zps1af76898.jpg

My second look is a causal pencil skirt and bomber jacket, this MYNT bomber is so nice guys, I have wanted one for such a long time they are perfect to add with skirts, dresses and jeans. The sport luxe trend is still very much in which is why I paired the jacket with my Airmax. This kind of outfit is perfect for a day at a market, where I pick up my fresh flowers and any other crap I need for the house, of course grabbing a cup of tea on the go. 

 photo 05-DSC_0606_zps034d5479.jpg  photo 04-DSC_0609_zps1f63dcaa.jpg  photo 06-DSC_0620_zpsdfc8bfee.jpg  photo 08-DSC_0625_zps43a039b7.jpg
ASDA Skirt, Airmax, Brigette Bomber ℅ MYNT, Primark Clutch

Last up is my evening look. Dan and I try and have date night at least once a week so that we can both take a break from our jobs and spend some quality time together, as I said above, sometimes we love to try different restaurants in London then go for a few cheeky drinks. This outfit is so not something I would normally go for but I am all over this! I love the scuba material on the trousers as they are way comfier than the cotton type I normally wear. I also love that the thickness of the trousers allows me to wear them high waisted. VBO is something I suffer with and some materials can be unforgiving, I find this one is really great for hiding that. I look so 80's power woman in this outfit, excuse me whilst I rejoin the cast of Dynasty.
 photo 3-DSC_0629_zps4b5bc045.jpg  photo 2-DSC_0628_zpsfda15e6d.jpg

 photo 11-DSC_0664_zps41de52f7.jpg  photo 10-DSC_0640_zps673b2195.jpg
Pegged Trousers ℅ MYNT, Primark Pointed Heels, Aysmetrical Blazer ℅ Mynt, River Island top (old)

*This post was sponsored by MYNT, as always the views are my own.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Why I don't care about being the Fat girl in the Gym.

For years and years I had anxiety about being overweight in the gym, during the period in my life when I was desperate to lose 7 stone in 0.6  minutes I joined in hope that I would finally lose weight. The problem was I didn't know what I was doing, during my introductory program session I was given a hench looking young man who was rude and took no interesting in really helping me. In fact he put me on a cross trainer and said 'Do interval Training.' If you don't know what interval training is then let me give you a brief breakdown. It is Hell. Hell I tell you! Especially if you are an overweight, woman that has no real clue what they are doing. I felt so nervous at him watching me pant, he was very uninterested in me and he made that clear. I decided to cancel the other two sessions I had with him and just do my own thing, which of course was most likely an ineffective work out. I felt too nervous to try and do work outs with the medicine ball or any weights, I felt like I was the biggest person in the gym and soon I just hated being there.

Back then I wasn't happy with anything in my life, I wasn't secure enough to be in the gym I was going for the wrong reasons and because of that I did never stick it out. Fast forward to now and I am back in the gym instead the goal isn't for drastic weight loss, simply for health and fitness. It took some time to get my head in a place where I remembered what a gym was actually for. What baffles me most is the judgement that is made against fat people in the gym, you know the type that comment on how unhealthy it is to be overweight yet mock those actually wanting to get fit. I have to say these people are a minority in the gym, most people go in there to do their workout and don't pay attention to anyone else. Of course there are still a few that are judgmental tossers, and my advise to any one who is nervous about the gym is to fuck them. It is not important what other people think, no matter what you are in the gym for, whether its weight loss, fitness improvement or even stress relief. You cannot worry about these people. They do not pay your bills, they do not go to bed with you at night, you are responsible for you only. If a trainer is unhelpful make a complaint, don't be afraid to ask for help, these people are paid to be there to help in any way they can so utilize them. Remember you set your own goals in life and if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want. If you are looking for inspiration on health and fitness when plus size make sure you check out my girl Cece's blog Plus Size Princess   she is the founder of PSPfit a program which supports plus size women on their health journeys. It's really fabulous and she is an absolute doll so make sure you check her out! 

 photo 0E91232F-A0FE-4CCE-8669-D408D3927A14_zpsllwi26x0.jpg

 photo gym_zps0e8ffbc8.jpg

Monday, 7 April 2014

Pizza Express treats us to Tea.

Unpopular Opinion about to happen. I don't really like Pizza that much. I know, I know how can I not love bread covered in cheese? It's not all Pizza but I have a problem with bases, they are either too thick or too thin, not enough sauce or too much sauce or simply just not to my taste. Dan on the other hand is a major Pizza fan, this would always be his takeaway of choice and the only way I would let him get his way with this dinner choice was if it was Pizza Express. I have no idea why but the Pizza's at Pizza express, I can get on board with. They have a lovely doughy base whilst still being thin, with a perfect balance of sauce and cheese plus when you have a voucher for a deal it always taste better right? Dan was pleased as punch when I told him I had been invited to try their new menu. So on Friday off we popped to our local Pizza Express in Putney  for a lovely 3 course dinner. I tried two new things off the menu for a change from my usual choices and I have reviewed them below.


First up was a new Salad. A refreshing and light starter made up of fresh vine tomatoes, crunchy Croutons, fresh Onion, Garlic and Basil. This was delicious, I never normally go for a salad to start because lets be honest I am a carb kinda gal, but this hit the spot, was really refreshing and went down lovely with a glass of white wine. 

 photo E0198932-3187-4A45-909B-7160B58499E3_zpsmyws5fej.jpg

You know when your order something and then your dinner companion orders something that looks and smells 10x more amazing. Yeh that. This so, happened to me on Friday, whilst I was enjoying my refreshing Salad Dan was eating the most delicious salmon risotto. OMG, seriously it was so good, perfectly cooked Roast Peppered Salmon on a delicious creamy white wine Risotto. I am most definitely ordering this again. Dan got this in a starter size but it also is available as a main.

 photo e869b6fb-adff-406c-b229-48f2f4cee8b2_zps99f2de43.jpg


So this isn't far off what I usually order at Pizza Express, I normally go for Pollo ad Astra as I love the cajun spices with sweet peppers. This Pizza is very similar in that sense however it is more smokey and has a lot more spice than the Ad Astra. I will warn you guys, this one is a bit spicy so if you are person who prefers a milder taste this might not be for you. I loved it and would absolutely order again. Dan went for the Calzone Salami e Salsiccia and he loved it, I however was not a fan, purely because I hate fennel and this dish was made up of Fennel Sausage, Dan said thumbs up! 

 photo B2B55B39-DABB-45F9-8F32-910D0C408AF7_zpsg4lxpkzk.jpg  photo 4cf07aa1-4ccc-4ab8-9275-2dbad708da57_zps33291d87.jpg


For dessert I wanted something light, and refreshing as I was stuffed to the brim with the cheesy, smoky goodness of my pizza, in fact I even had some packed into a box for cheeky left overs. This Sorbet was just lovely, Tangy, sharp and lovely and cold. It finished off my meal perfectly and was absolutely recommend this as a dessert.

 photo ff7c32e5-f0ce-4235-aa7a-550cb93eaa0a_zps71e2d0e9.jpg

 photo 6d5056cc-0f1e-4682-a03a-654d5d84f78a_zps2d6a7e95.jpg

Overall I had a wonderful evening and I could not fault the service at my local Pizza Express in Putney. I have to make a comment of the wonderful waiter William who was just a sheer pleasure, so polite and genuinely one of the best waiters I have ever been served by. I first thought that maybe I was getting some kind of extra treatment only to realise that William was exactly the same to everyone in the restaurant. He even packed up my left over pizza in a box and wrote 'Midnight Feast or Brekky' What a lovely guy. The manager was also just lovely and that really made the night. Overall I think I have reignited a love for Pizza Express and Dan and I will definitely be visiting again! Click here to view the Pizza Express menu and get yourself down for a night of reasonably priced taste of Italian indulgence. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My little Loves.

I realise I spend a lot of my time moaning, whether that be because of a terrible commute, a rude person, a bad day, bad hair (you get the picture) I find myself having a whinge. Although I think it is healthy to have a whinge every now and then I am trying my best to focus on the things in my life which bring a little extra joy, you know like a really good outfit, when you feel killa and fierce, a good hair day, a brilliant selfie, a nice moment with friends. I think it would be nice to share these things with you, and something for me to read back on in years to come. So in spirit of this I thought I would share with you some of the lovely things from last weekend. Tell me what made you happy last week?

I love this outfit so much, that I had to share. I actually started off on Saturday wearing this boohoo dress with a gorgeous floral Kimono that I got from New Look. I felt super summery, but knowing typical British weather I slipped in my motto just in the weather turned nippy and it of course did. I think I prefer this look to the Kimono what do you think?

 photo 623D0FB7-1CE2-44C6-8353-FE169C337A02_zpsfojjkdyq.jpg

A week or so a go a lovely artist by the name of Ruth asked if she could work on a piece of illustration of one of my outfits. I was so thrilled as I had seen Ruth's work and thought it was incredible! Here is my finished piece, I really really love it and I plan on getting it framed for our house. Be sure to check out Ruth's work at 

 photo 0B9FAE55-C843-4E96-A0B8-5100CA94E2F6_zpsobjpajoj.jpg

Kinda obsessed with Sunglasses right now. I bought 3 pairs at the market on Saturday then walked to the end of the stalls and found these killa 'Cross my heart hope to Die' round glasses which I must own. MUS

 photo 9C7D6065-49D5-4B55-8464-3D5EB4BC4F96_zpssyyyibtp.jpg  photo 36982667-2EC6-4CC4-88EC-66463013D782_zpselgczmue.jpg

Finally this sign that Hanna found when out in London made me all kinds of happy because uhh how cool is it that street has my name in it? 

 photo 2EA1B478-4D83-429F-8FDA-6F9A9602816B_zpsqzimfa0x.jpg

Monday, 31 March 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer time.

This weekend London was so beautiful, for the first time it felt like summer, not even spring! The sun was bright and warm and the skies were so blue. Urgh, it felt so good to feel warmth and be able to put on my sunnies, and so to not waste the day I went out to meet my friends and wander Portobello Market. I decided to get the old legs out and wear my oversized panel dress from the Boohoo plus range. Guys, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with this dress, it is so light and comfy and I think it may just be my favourite item of clothing right now.  I am also wearing my favorite Anna Lou name necklace, and my beautiful Rose Gold photo locket which I had personally engraved with the date Dan and I met. I know soppiness alert, but it is so lovely to have a special sentiment hanging around my neck. I decided to wear my Floral Kimono for a really summery look but also threw my motto jacket in my bag incase it got a little nippy later in the day which when I wore created a completely different look. I'll save for that for another post, but for now happy Monday! 

 photo 04-DSC_0434-001_zpscdb5748b.jpg  photo 02-DSC_0427_zps66954ba2.jpg  photo 05-DSC_0435_zpsf23724ef.jpg  photo 09-DSC_0399-001_zpsbe7e1d38.jpg  photo 06-DSC_0450-001_zpsb764d14f.jpg  photo 07-DSC_0452_zpsc90150c6.jpg  photo 08-DSC_0454_zps0bb01174.jpg