Monday, 20 October 2014

Boyfriend Shirt.

When you read articles about plus size fashion it is often geared towards flattering curves, clinching in the waist, highlighting your shape, All though I love a good body con every now and then I also don't always want to be in a dress. As a plus size woman you don't always have to be looking for a way to show off your figure. Personally I love wearing over sized and more masculine outfits and sometimes I want to look like a bad biker babe, so for this outfit I did just that.

I built this outfit using an over sized white boyfriend shirt  from Simply Be which created a shirt style dress. The length is a little too short to go completely bare legged and I wanted to add some edge to the look so I added a black skirt underneath and some knee high socks. I get asked about these often as I have worn them here on the blog before. I picked these up in H&M in size XL and they fit me fairly well, If you do manage to get your hands I pull them over the knee (they tend to roll down if not) and slightly folded where they stay nice and comfortably. Of course I finished the look off with my trusty Moto jacket and some killer dark red lippy which really completed the look and voila Biker Babe realness was created.

 photo 11-IMG_7732_zps12bc5d31.jpg  photo 02-IMG_7739_zps13d279d7.jpg  photo 09-IMG_7761_zpse8242af8.jpg  photo 10-IMG_7768_zps2b7ad9cf.jpg
 photo 07-IMG_7754_zps4ff4f6bd.jpg

What I am wearing:

Boyfriend Shirt - C/O Simply Be
Leather Jacket - Simply Be (Similar here)
Boots - Primark (Similar wide fit here )
Knee High Socks - H&M size XL.
Bag - Ebay
Earnings Freedom at Topshop c/o Impulse Loves



Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Better Late...

Can someone tell me where exactly time has gone this year. Since when is it October and since when is it nearly Christmas? Time seems to be flying and weeks are blurring into each other, so much so that I can barely remember what I did from one week to the next. These photos have been on my computer for a month just sitting there being like 'Hey I am cute use me'. With having a bunch of my fav girls over from the US for two weeks as well as working and events I got a bit slack with my blogging but fear not with Autumn here (my favorite season ever) I plan on getting my blogger game face on with some excellent A/W outfits. This outfit is my easy fail safe.  Motto jacket, skirt, tee and boots, you can't really go wrong to be honest. Throw on a good statement necklace, hair up in a messy bun and boom casual outfit done,

 photo 7-DSC_0178_zps05c29af6.jpg all black outfit photo 4-DSC_0164_zps053a783c.jpg  photo 2-DSC_0153_zpsb6612448.jpg

What I am wearing:

Leather Jacket - Simply Be (no longer available similar here)
Black pencil Skirt - Primark ( Similar from boohoo+ here )
Boots - Primark (Similar here )
Bag - Simply Be.
Necklace - Anna Lou of London


Monday, 29 September 2014

Plus Size Skinny Jeans.

The hunt for the perfect skinny jean continues and as many of us girls know jeans can be a royal pain in the backside. As Autumn is fast approaching the season of the jean is back in, well for me any way. I love a good pair of black skinny jeans, they are a perfect throw on for an easy chill outfit. When choosing an outfit for the Evans Collective Catwalk last week I decided to opt for something really easy, clean and fashionable so skinny jeans, a vest, motto jacket and heels seemed like a good look. An all black outfit always is a win for me as you can add colour, layers and accessories to add extra oompf which is exactly what I did with this Topshop hair scarf. Yellow is such a happy bright colour and it certainly made me feel like I wasn't blending in among all the other gorgeous Fashion babes at the event.
     photo 1-DSC_0300_zps0f9c9e73.jpg
 photo 3-DSC_0304_zps66e56b45.jpg
 photo 6-DSC_0330_zps1588eba0.jpg

What I am wearing.

Skinny Black Jeans - c/o Evans Clothing
Black Vest c/o Evans Clothing
Motto Jacket c/o Evans Clothing
Sandal heels - c/o Simply Be (not available but similar here )

Monday, 22 September 2014

Plus Size Fashion makes History.

Something really exciting happened this week, perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to Plus Size Fashion in a very long time. This Tuesday for the first time along side LFW, Evans presented a catwalk of their most recent collection 'Design Collective' which featured items from top London designers as well as the winners of the graduate 'Cut for Evans' competition all of which pushed the boundaries of plus size fashion. The pieces were a mixtures of prints, textures and styles with bright colours, sparkles and intricate cuts. It was nothing short of thrilling to be in the Freemasons hall watching a catwalk of beautiful clothes, which for once I  knew I could actually get in my size. Evans are known as the founders of the first plus size high street store and they seem to be paving the way for fashion forward collections offering designer clothes at high street prices. All items will be on sale from Febuary 2015 with prices ranging from £35-£220. Here are a few of my own shots (see more  images here ) Do tell me your thoughts, are you excited as I am?

 photo DSC_0417_zps869172d2.jpg  photo DSC_0423_zpsc2de7419.jpg  photo DSC_0404_zps8a0f17a3.jpg  photo 50D50245-0F09-43E3-8C1F-B6EE9C8FAB62_zpsywhcid6w.jpg
Photo credit of myself Danie and Louise to Evans 

Monday, 8 September 2014


There is something so good about the pairing of black and white, the colours are a perfect harmony and a salute to classic fashion. When wearing these colours together I try to keep my look fairly simple, which is what I did with this 2 in 1 dress from Simply Be. I got this dress back on my trip to Manchester at the Arndale store and it is such an easy, comfy, effortless outfit. My advice for sizing of this dress would be to stay true to your size I made the mistake of sizing up which caused some bunching of the top which was irritating, don't you just hate when your clothes annoy you? Thankfully I was having too much fun running around Notting Hill with my mega babes Kellie, Nadia and Danie to let it bother me too much.
 photo 2-DSC_0004_zpsa4b06d87.jpg  photo 6-DSC_0015_zpsd3a1bab4.jpg  photo 9-DSC_0071_zpsfb3c7ba6.jpg
 photo 7-DSC_0065_zps68369283.jpg  photo 4-DSC_0013_zps5f6382f9.jpg
 photo 807F5754-5488-4BB7-9481-E637CE96CCBB_zpsp3wrzzpz.jpg

What I am wearing

2 in 1 Black and White dress - Simply Be
New Balance Trainers - Office
Leather Jacket - Simply Be (no longer available) this one very similar  

Friday, 29 August 2014

Boo Hoo Longline Kimono

So in terms of bad weeks these last two have been a mess. Not only did I spill an entire glass of wine on my Macbook Pro (which now wont turn on) but we have also had some crappy family news. I haven't been able to blog with my Mac out of action and am currently waiting to see if it can be revived at a repair shop so fingers crossed for me guys! Thankfully I managed to salvage these outfit photos from last week from my camera and use a work computer on my lunch!

Below I am wearing this black Longline Kimono from Boohoo Plus which also comes in Orange, Ivory and a gorgeous floral print  As you may have noticed my love for Duster Jackets, Longline Cardigans and Kimonos is pretty intense and with summer on its way out these bad boys are a perfect transitional items. Cool enough for the fairly moderate temperatures but warm enough to wear layered with a good tee and jeans which as you can see was my outfit of choice. 

 photo DSC_0092_zps68d9b437.jpg  photo DSC_0091_zps0c795842.jpg  photo DSC_0049_zpsada2da59.jpg  photo DSC_0042_zps627c4b80.jpg  photo DSC_0044_zpsb3c96532.jpg

What I am wearing.

Ain't no wifey tee - Ebay (Similar logo tee here)
Longline Kimono - Boohoo Plus
Ripped Jeans - ASOS Curve
Leopard Print Plimsoles - Simply Be.
Plus size midi rings - ASOS Curve