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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Our Wedding - The Sweets and Treats

Virginia Wolfe once said  "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." and I truly believe this to be true. Both Dan and I are massive foodies, we love nothing more than mooching around new cities trying different cuisines, and cooking new recipes in our teeny tiny kitchen for ourselves and for friends. Food is such an important part of our lives so we knew we wanted to make it a big feature of our wedding. Everything we chose had a meaning to us, from the food we served, to our favours, even right through to our cake. When picking our venue we were so happy to find somewhere that was able to make the food on site rather than have to arrange separate catering, it just made more sense and helped eased our anxiety of things going wrong. 

For our Wedding meal we knew we wanted some form of sharing food, for our friends and family to be able to pick and choose what they wanted from a wide selection rather than choose something in advance that they may not actually enjoy on the day. Drawn mostly to the idea of sharing boards, rather than the traditional three course meal you usually see at weddings, we wanted something that  allowed everyone to chat and share along the table. We presented the idea to our venue and they were more than happy to accommodate, we asked if we could have something similar to spanish tapas and quite to our surprise, we were told the chef was actually spanish meaning we could have a traditional tapas menu! Calamari, Olives, Spanish Meatballs, Tortilla, and these delicious Paella style Arancini went down a storm and made for the perfect summers meal.

For dessert we chose to hire an ice cream van, one because we were hoping for gorgeous weather (which luckily we got) and two because we love nothing more than grabbing an ice cream in the sunshine together. When we found Milo and Hector's ice cream sandwich van we knew we had found the one. Not only was the ice cream home made, but was served from the most gorgeous little Italian Piaggio van, not to mention the flavours were delicious. We had Nutella and Coconut, Peanut Butter, Burnt Salted Caramel and Strawberry ripple which you could choose to sandwich between a selection of homemade cookies and topped with a number of delicious treats. They were the talk of the wedding, in fact many went up for more than one (Including Dan and I) they were just SO good and the perfect cool me down for the hot summers day. 

When the evening was in full swing and everyone was partying the night down we ordered in 40 Italian stone baked pizzas from the pizza union around the corner. We wanted something casual and non fussy and lets be real who doesn't like pizza! People went mad for it, everyone grabbed a box and we all sat outside on the pavements in the cool night air and ate slices of Pizza whilst the DJ was bashing out absolute tunes inside. People used the home made chilli jam we made as favours to dip in their crusts, which was exactly the intended purpose and it was the perfect foodie ending to the evening. Viva la Pizza Party.  

Make you are subscribed to blog to follow the rest of my wedding blog posts and as always if you have any questions, either leave a comment or send me a tweet! 

Callie xo
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

LWF with Lindex

I always enjoy London Fashion week, I love the buzz and the atmosphere, the fact that you can immerse yourself into the fashion world even if you aren't attending shows. Around the hub area of Brewer Street you see people from all walks of life partaking in the mania, people running to and from shows, or being snapped by a mob of street style photographers. But what I love most, is that everybody, can be exactly who they want to be and share their creativity through their clothes. Some decide to be as daring and different as possible, some stick to what is on trend and some, like myself choose to go classic and minimal with timeless pieces. As a plus size woman it can be incredibly difficult at times to find these style pieces available in our size. There is this idea that if you are plus size you should either hide yourself away or you should 'show off your curves', but what if you want to feel comfortable, and wear something that does the opposite of that? Sometimes I want a comfy baggy jumper as much as I want to wear a killer body con dress, quite honestly I want the same options that are available to my smaller friends,  it really is that simple. Thankfully more and more brands are listening to plus size consumers and providing more varied options to help suit different needs, Lindex being one of them!  Lindex recently extended their sizes up to UK 28 and as part of their new The Fall Fashion Heroes Campaign , they are sharing their belief that women of all sizes and shapes should feel included and to be able to shop from all areas of their stores. The gorgeous Candice Huffine and Ashley Graham are the faces of the new campaign alongside three other incredibly beautiful models. The campaign centres around autumn’s 5 wardrobe heroes: the balloon sleeve sweater, the trumpet sleeve top, the knitted dress, the skinny cropped trousers and finally the statement jean. You can check out the full campaign here and be sure to have a look at the pieces available some of which I am wearing in this post.

*This post was in collaboration with the wonderful team at Lindex 

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Share the Love with Curvissa

What I love most about blogging is the incredible women it has introduced me to, women from all backgrounds, all walks of life, with all different stories and experiences to share. So when I see other bloggers, like myself completely killing it with their blogs, smashing stereotypes and pushing boundaries I feel so proud to be part of something so great. When Curvissa asked me to be part of their Share the Love campaign I obviously said yes. The idea is, you share one blogger you think deserves to get some love and tell everyone why you think they are wonderful. Choosing one was too hard, so here you have it, my current, three favorite babes of the blogging world. 

1. Chloe in Curve 

Chloe is the sweetest Scottish lass I have ever met. Not only does she have the most beautiful personality but she is so elegant and regal with her dress sense. I love that she is so supportive in our community and shares the love with everyone. Chloe Girl you da' best. 

2. Naomi - Diamond and Pearls

I have been friends with the lovely Naomi for a few years now and she is such a top laugh. She has been incredibly supportive to everyone around her, whilst always speaking her mind about important issues and I love that about her. She has been true to herself ever since I've known her and her blog is one of my favorites, especially as our style overlaps. Naomi is a true diamond just as her blog name suggests.

3.Stephanie DJL 

There just aren't enough words to say how great I think Stephanie is. She was one of the very first blogs I followed when I started four years ago and we have been twitter pals ever since.  Stephanie is funny, kind and just hilarious on Twitter. Her constant stream of GIFs sending me love never fails to make me smile. She's now back to blogging after a little hiatus, so go show my girl some love.

If you think someone deserves a pick me up this week, then #Sharethelove with your own blog post tagging your favorite bloggers. Why not start a chain of love, it's a lovely thing to do and when life is crappy and things are going wrong its important to reflect on how great the people we have around us are. Plus everyone who writes a post within this campaign and shares the love, will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 to spend at sounds pretty great don't you think?

So tell me who are you loving?

*This post was in collaboration and sponsored by Curvissa as always my views are my own.
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

We got Married!

Today is mine and Dan's one month anniversary can you believe that?! How quickly it has flow by, it feels like just yesterday I was sharing my engagement story here. After months of planning, hours spent on Pinterest and insurmountable amounts of stress Dan and I finally tied the knot and it was the most special day of our lives, I know everyone says that, but truly it was. When we got engaged 18 months ago we knew that we were planning something small and we decided fairly quickly that we wanted to get married in London. Whilst London might seem like the last option for a couple planning a wedding on a budget, it actually made the most sense to us, it was the place Dan and I both met, the place where Dan had grown up and the place where nearly all of our friends lived. When deciding our 'theme' we opted for relaxed, cool, industrial vibes with lots of neutrals tones, greenery and Rose Gold which was the design of my engagement ring. When possible we tried to add personal touches which meant something to us, one thing I wanted was for the day to reflect Dan and I as people. Many of you asked for me to write blog posts to share with you parts of the wedding, so for the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my suppliers, my prep up until the wedding and 'how-to' guides for things that we crafted ourselves. I hope you love it as much as we did.

First up is all the deets on our venue and our Decor!

Our Venue 

When choosing our wedding venue we knew wanted something with industrial vibes more specifically a warehouse. Surprisingly, there aren't as many as you might think and those that are  wedding appropriate come with a hefty price tag. When we found St Chads Place we fell in love with it immediately, it had everything we wanted in a venue, a big space, a bar and kitchen already available to us, an outside space and a vert central location. Finding the ceremony venue was easy peasy, we chose Camden Town Hall as it was just a six minute walk around the corner from St Chads and it had a beautiful marble stairwell that I just fell for immediately. We saved heaps on travel costs by walking and the walk was actually one of the nicest moments of the day. The town hall may not have looked much from the outside but the inside was so beautiful, with a huge marble stair case and a beautiful registry room for us to perform our vows. The cost of a registry office wedding is much lower than hiring a venue that performs weddings, as you usually have to pay a hire fee plus the cost of a registrar. We are so glad we chose to keep the cost low, as although the ceremony is special it is only twenty minutes long, which believe me goes seriously quickly.

Our Decor and Flowers 

With the warehouse venue having the industrial vibes we were already after, we only needed to add small touches to bring it all together. I bought my pom poms online in batch and chose a natural palate of colours, all of which I wanted in very neutral in tones. The colours I opted for were Ivory, Vanilla, Kraft and Tan. I ordered 70 in total and they complimented the wood beams so perfectly. For our table plan we chose a simple hessian runner with greenary along the length of the table and dotted along my DIY rose gold flower displays. (will write a DIY post on this in later posts) 


Choosing a florist proved difficult but when I found Wild Renata Flowers we clicked immediately. Lara totally got my vision for my bouquets and for the decorative greenery. I loved the use of the large roses and eucalyptus leaves which perfectly complimented my theme with the blush tones but also gently lifted with the use of the lilacs. Basically she was a total dream to work with and she even helped set up the room on the day, so if you are looking for a florist you need to look her up. 

Our wedding favors

 When I first began looking for favors I got lost in a sea of ideas, most of which ended up working out rather expensive. Our friends who had been married advised that favors often worked out expensive and a waste of money (many people leave the gifts behind) or some even forgot to take them on the day. It felt important to me to have some kind of gift, and as Dan and I are major foodies it made sense to us to incorporate that element into the favors. We opted to make home made chilli jam using a Nigella recipe, as well as a can of Dan's favorite craft beer and a mini homemade donut that we ordered from our favorite London donut maker Vicky's Donuts which we placed in a box that I designed and made myself. It was important for me to keep the table layout from looking busy so we chose to use our favor bags to multi function as a way to display our menu. The incredibly talented Ella Masters wrote our Spanish Tapas menu by hand in gorgeous calligraphy which helped add a really beautiful personal touch. We also printed individual photos of our friends from Sticky 9 which created our table plan, 'find your face, find your place'. Everyone loved our personal gifts and we were so happy we chose to do something that matched our personality rather than just following the same ideas as Pinterest. My only advise when planning your decor is to make more than one visit to your venue, and always take measurements, believe me you will need them through out planning. 

I hope you have enjoyed the first part in my wedding series, in the next few posts I will be sharing with you more of my wonderful suppliers, DIY How To's and many more of my wedding photos. Do let me know if you have any questions as I would be more than happy to answer.
*Photos are by Kirsty Mackenzie Photography and Insta Wedding 

Callie xo

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